During Sleep Then Wake With Jaw Pain

my doctor told me its called Bruxism (my dad used to grind his teeth at night and my sister and I do it also)

my dentist said I should get a splint which would be about $500-600 that is ok if you are with a good health fund and working but I am on a pension once I pay out college fees each pay and gym fees each fortnight as well, and a few bills there is nothing.  I admit I waste money ... but its a lot to fork out in one or even two hits for me... I might have to pay it in instalments over a month and half ....

but this morning I was dreaming and the pain was bad I thought I was going to bit my lip or damage a tooth.

I try to find ways to reduce the pain and clenching.  my anti-depressants are supposed to stop it but they don't always.

I often use a heat pack if it gets very bad .. or pain killers or alcohol.

I have sensitive teeth at the moment also ....  whenever I each chocolate they ache ... why??? how weird.

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1 Response May 15, 2012

lately I have noticed that they feel lose like the ligaments are moving a bit .. this worries me deeply ...