Tree Hugger

   The sky was the color of dingy white socks.  The fast moving air was cold and made my lungs gasp for a deeper drink.  The heavy gusts teetered my balance and tossed the pines and willows like a sand salad.  Mother Nature and I are stirred up and we have things to say, yet in all of our buffeted commotion and fearful ramblings, it appears no one is listening.  Despite the lack of witness we boil, bubble, and try to settle.  Me, facing her fury and she pushing and pulling mine, sending bits of herself towards me while I trudge right into her, head down and full of steam, entwined we tangle as friendly foes. Nature is my mother and I am her devoted student.  I whimper a quiet thank you, that her mood today should match mine, that walking with her I feel in step with the is that is and that beside her I don’t feel so alone.
     As if Nature was introducing me to a dear friend, a brazen gust pushed my body into a strong, tall pine.  Jack Pine is the kind of pine that pretends not to seduce you while he actually is seducing you to immediately climb up and hold him tight.  As a rule I usually only climb the pine in my own front yard.  I am use to his rungs and ways but this sky topping pine swaying and shaking has aroused my sense of adventure.
      The first few movements climbing him felt awkward and uncomfortable, yet thrilling.  In no time, the climb became easier; he was the perfect tree to climb.  Every rung placed just so.  Every reach obliged.  I felt safe.  He felt sturdy.  There comes a moment when climbing a tree that your desire is to go higher but your senses keep you put, it was at that moment that I stopped my climb and began to hold tightly to his trunk.  Holding him felt as if he was holding me.  As the violent huffs and puffs bent him back and forth, he creaked and groaned. I listened carefully to all his secret and intimate thoughts.  As one, we met each gust and managed to remain intact.  He stood tall and nervous, I clung tightly and full of hope.
     It wasn't the strongest blow but the repeated blows that snapped the branch just beneath the one that held me.  That snap changed everything, the moment, the feeling, the closeness the pine and I had just felt…gone.  The broken branch clung briefly to another then crashed to the forest floor.  I needed that branch to take me back down, down to the down that now looks so far down.   Feeling foreign and forgotten to the pine I felt damn foolish to be up a tree without a Sherpa. 
     I tried to free myself gracefully but without help I could not.  Acting on pure instinct, I forced myself to take a huge step, my footing was shaky at best, yet my peril seemed so familiar.  As the gusts grew stronger and more frequent, I loosened my grip and forced my whole being to relax.  Knowing that there was no way down but straight down I braced for the worst.
    Leaving a hunk of hair tangled in jack and some skin on his bark I buckled myself against the wind and struggled to move the bounced, bruised body home.  Like a nice friend, Nature had the wind at my back, which helped push this wounded tree climber (faller) in the proper direction.
    Home, hooray for home!  Turn on the heat under the kettle.  Start the bath.  Throw in some salts.  Light a candle.  Slide in disc of Bach and turn him up.  Survey the damage.  Skin on hands, rubbed red and raw, huge bloody scrape on upper tummy, sore fanny, bruised ego, bashed knee and my thumb hurts something awful. 
I am too old for this ****. 
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16 Responses Apr 15, 2011

A scary story with a happy ending...the kind I like best. I really felt I was right there with you and I also remembered my youth and now I'm yearning to climb a tree, again. Probably best I stay out of the trees and just read your stories.

I could not agree with you more, jthitt. :)

I think it's the extra stretches we make in life that determine our satisfaction with life, whether climbing trees or other undertakings

Thank you, Ari. :) *blushes*

I'm finding it a wee difficult to type with these battered hands and my rump hurts but yes the climb is always worth the fall...thus far. I needed (wink) the therapy of bath. Old bones and all. Thanks for stopping by Frito. :) glad you're ok NancyD but you are NOT too old for tree the way you treated yourself after....and waiting to hear about your next adventure! glad you're ok NancyD but you are NOT too old for tree the way you treated yourself after....and waiting to hear about your next adventure!

Destry climb it under a full moon. So cool!

Thanks TG. It was more of slide and bounce than a true fall. I am easily seduced by handsome trees. *winks*

glad you are okay Nancy Drew. Somhow i have a feeling you'll do it again, though. Not fall,..climb. Maybe not anytime soon and maybe not in strong wind but another tree will seduce and lure you up there sooner or later. Once a climber always a climber..i hope ;) <br />
Heal fast (((hug)))

Then remind me to stay atop you.

Climb it Destry! God knows there is always a way down. *winks*

You are so right, Hillborn. If I take ya are ya going catch me or push me up?

I'm fine, Destry. As is often the case the climb was worth the fall. It was like a carnival ride! Thanks for stopping by.

Juan, don't you know by now I always push things too far?

Yikes!<br />
Good to know you are alright.<br />
I love and admire your adventurous spirit, but worry that you might have pushed it a bit far today.