Wow, 14,000 Feet - That's Pike's Peak - I Drove There.

Wow, helps me remember summer camp and overnight hikes to the top of Mt. San Jacinto (10,000+) and Mt. San Gorgonio (11,000+) in Southern CA.  And, there were many more hikes - it was a great time.  There is a hill in the Ortega Mountains right across from my house that I'd love to climb - there is a rock near the top that looks like a mini half dome near the top.  One of these days, I'll do it even at my age.  The highest hill I've climbed recently is 180 feet and it is directly across from my computer room window.  I also take the dogs on their walks near that hill.  Walking is so good for the soul!
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1 Response Jun 25, 2007

Your hill sounds like an amazing thing to climb. I bet the view from the top is amazing. I can't wait to see your story of how you made it to the top :-)