What A View!

So, my family took me to the Outer Banks this weekend for Mother's Day, and this morning, they took me to the lighthouses.  I am terribly afraid of heights, and this thing was 12 stories tall!  We walked up 268 steps to the top where the balcony is.  It was an AMAZING view!  The only problem was, when we got all the way to the balcony, they wouldn't let us go out on it, because the winds were 45+ MPH, and it was all we could do to stand inside with the door open.  I must say, I probably would have been too chicken to go out on the balcony anyway, but just making it to the top to look out was a major accomplishment for me!  I love my family!  They are always finding new things for me to do, places I've never been, things I've never seen...They want me to experience all I can, and for that, I love them so much!  This has been an excellent weekend! 

kelly816 kelly816
31-35, F
May 8, 2010