Just A Few Years Ago....

When I was in High School in Merced in the late 70's, Yosemite was the 'backyard' for a couple friends of mine and I. We used to hike, climb, ski, and just basically have a ball in the park on a regular basis. For the summer, you could count on finding us at the back patio of the Ahwahnee hotel drinking coffee and working at getting ourselves kicked out for playing hacky sack on the grass dressed in shorts, t-shirts, and birkenstocks if we were not out on one of our notorious 5-6 day back packing trips somewhere in the park.

The first time up half dome, with the same two friends, we actually camped in little Yosemite the night before making the climb. Got up early, ate breakfast then tossed on light packs we had taken for the overnight and headed up. It was odd, we had been technical climbers for years, starting at a early age (15-16 for us all) and the cables in place actually rather freaked us all out. We had been relying on each other for climbing with ropes the entire time, and the fact that somone had placed cables was for us frankly unnerving. But, we went, relaxed at the top making a nice lunch, and headed down to the valley after a stay of about 2 hours playing some hacky sack 'at the top of the world" it felt like.

I moved away from the area a few years later, up to Oregon and have lived there for about 25 years since. But, those days and that day in particular will always remain with me.

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It is nice story, and I understand how you feel. I originally from Nagano, Japan where Japanese Alps were. I was able to get Alpine Slope within an hour from my parent's home, and I terrified to see triple lift have started to transport number of novice skier to advanced slope. Since I moved in San Francisco, Mountain like Mountain is at least 4 hours away. Sad.