Awesome Experience!

Wow - that was unforgettable.  I climbed half dome! i went with a group of about 7 other people.  most of them were GUYS, except my friend and I, so they got this crazy idea to hike up during the night-time so we could see the sunrise (gorgeous) and avoid the heat while climbing.  Those were great ideas.  However, we had just driven in that day and so much of my energy was spent getting to the top that once we were there, I forgot about the whole 'coming back down' bit.  *that* was a huge hurdle.  you think you've made it to the top are enjoying this gorgeous view and then suddenly it occurs to you that there's still SEVEN miles to go.  ouch.  that was the longest seven miles ever.  it was definitely worth it though.  i'm still amazed we made it & glad I can put it on my 'i did this' lifetime list!

LandEnchant LandEnchant
Feb 12, 2009