the Best Sunrise of My Life

The night was cold and jingled with the bells on walking sticks.  We ate onigiri, melon-pan, and other conveni food.  We had only 6 and a half hours til sunrise when we started, so we couldn't stop for long breaks. 

The rocks slid out from under us as we tried to walk vertically up the steepest paths.  I sang the only songs I could remember all of:  "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen, "John Henry" by Woody Guthrie, "Better Things" by Ray Davies.  I took pictures of the flashlights weaving up from where we'd just been, a wavy trail of light. 

Dawn began and we were within sight of the summit.  The stream of people we were within churned its current faster.  We were one of the lucky ones.  The sunrise of August 15, 2005, I was closer to the sky than I'd ever been.  I felt like, if I'd done this, I could do anything.  Absolutely anything. 
cellardoors cellardoors
26-30, M
Oct 8, 2006