Never Knew It Had A Name

Nudity has always been a turn on. Nudity, especially one sided, I find a huge turn on. The mood and atmosphere when one is naked and the other clothed provides a great opportunity for long foreplay and the feeling of anticipation.
I did quite often, reman naked for girlfriends. As a bit of fun. I would stay naked all day, pretend to be casual and see their reaction. Most would warm to the idea and it would evolve into some fun games and role play.
I don't know whether all this was instigated by an experience when I was younger.
It was the summer before we went off to college. It was a summer of parties. Parents were away and that house would be the location for a party. They were great fun and as an eighteen year old with no attachment they were the opportunity for sexual experimentation and flirtation.
On this one occasion I was attending a party in the house of two sisters, one my age and one about 21. My family away and I decided to crash at the house rather than bother to get back home. It had been a good party and the older sister, Amanda, had been quite flirty with me. I woke up on the sofa with the sound of somebody in the kitchen. There were a couple of others who had stayed and they were in the kitchen drinking coffee and trying to become human again. They eventually left and it was now just me and the two sisters. We established that I had nothing to rush back for. Amanda said that she would cook some breakfast and that I should get a shower. I had slept in my clothes so was feeling a little grungy.
I went upstairs to the bathroom and started to undress. I then heard footsteps, and then a knock at the door. I put a towel around me and opened the door. Amanda was standing there - she asked if I would like her to wash my clothes and she was about to do some washing. I said yes and handed them to her. She went and I showered.
I then realised when I steeped out the shower and dried that I had no clothes to put on. I went down stairs wearing a towel and entered the kitchen to the smell of bacon. After we chatted for a while Amanda turned her attention to my towel. She seemed concerned that I had damp towel on and came over to me and tugged it. The towel dropped to the floor leaving me naked. I can remember Amanda saying something like 'there, that's better'. I was caught like a bunny in the head lights and just stood there while the girls looked at my naked body. Amanda was playing it cool and carried on cooking. Her , sister Claire, was looking transfixed at me. The feeling of being naked with two very attractive young women hd an obvious reaction. I could feel myself getting erect and Claire was watching it! Amanda gave me soon food and told us to eat. I sat at the kitchen table and ate. It was all very surreal, sitting there naked with two women while we art and chatted.
After we had finished I could see Claire and Amanda whispering to each other. I washed the breakfast things naked at the sink, with my erection uncomfortably pressing against the sink. We avoided all mention of my state as we cleared up and Amanda put my clothes in the tumble drier. Eventually we went into the living room and I sat on the sofa, still erect. Claire made and excuse and went up to her room.
Amanda took her opportunity and came and sat next to me on the sofa. "I thought she would never leave" she said. We kissed and I felt her hand on my ****. We kissed and she played with me. Her hand gripped me and started to stroke me. Unfortunately, I was so aroused, that I came. Over myself, Amanda and the sofa! That sort of killed it and we cleaned up, embarrassed.
My clothes were dry, I dressed and left. A rather sad ending to an amazing morning.
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May 14, 2012