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I had a vasectomy e few years ago & when i went for my pre op check i was surprised to see the surgeon was a woman ( attractive 40+ lady ) she inspected & felt my tackle & generally went through the procedure , on the day of the op , which was done under local anaesthetic i had to shave all my pubic hair off , when i got there i had to remove my clothes & lay on a table , in walked my female surgeon along with her female assistant & to my surprise 2 female student doctors ! ( they had to cover this procedure as part of their training ) they all discussed the procedure with each of the students feeling my testicles , then the students applied the iodine to my penis & testicles , the surgeon then did the vasectomy with the students having a real close up of my bits ! as she performed this they chatted away as if i wasnt there , even discussing different sized male parts including a supposed hugely hung guy the previous day ! By the tim she finished & the nurse had put on my underwear for me ( including tucking my bits in place & asking which side i dressed ) i was quite embarrassed ! .... Never mind !

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3 Responses Oct 8, 2008

Sounds like the right way to have it done thanks for sharing

Where did this happen, that they violated the protocol of first asking the patient if it was ok for them to include students to observe the procedure. Just beacause the students need the real life expierence does not trump the patients right to have privacy.

At least you had the balls to do it !!!!