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Gender Neutral Clothing

I would like to see a world where anyone could just wear what they pleased without fear or teasing. Skirts and dresses really aren't a female item from history. They were mens during the roman and greek empires.Also the Scots wear kilts a form of a skirt today. Males wore them everyday way back when. So I ask this, why did we allow females to take them away from us in the first place? Was it fear or did we not feel that they were for us? From what I have learned about the human body, males really would be better suited for skirts and dresses. So why did we label pants for males and skirts for females. It has to be reversed or shared for obvious reasons. The reason why males need skirts and dresses now is for genital health. Air circulation cannot be made while wearing pants, which in turn, makes your gentials hotter and you can have rashes and chaffing because of the fabric rubbing on the innermost thighs during the day. Also when your wearing pants or shorts, your genitals are going in one direction or another and are being squeezed while working all day outside in the heat. Tight fitting clothing was never meant for males. Wearing a skirt or dress will eliminate that problem virtually over night. Back then, males didn't have the problems that they are having now. Jeans and thick slacks are the problem. If we were to have clothing that has no gender attached to it then these very important issues would be gone. Who can honestly say skirts and dresses are female to begin with? History shows that males wore them back before 1939. So I ask this, why don't we as males just get rid of our gender specific clothing and be comfortable like we are supposed to be? Look at Chris Whiehead, he is doing what he feels is right for his comfort. Nothing more, noting less and he still is himself too. All he did was get away from pants, from which he will not want to wear anymore.
andreaneejustinfield andreaneejustinfield 41-45, T 3 Responses May 15, 2011

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I've gone through being a female, genderqueer, and now I gave up completely having a gender. I am trying to find what is best for a human to wear, regardless of how people pin things into one thing or the other or the other. I'm going to go on this journey with my head held high, my shoulders back and relaxed, and ignore gender like the social construct it is. Boxers and skirts seem like a potent combination. I don't want to bind my breasts, nor do I want to wear bras.
I adore when guys wear skirts. Not only is it awesome, does it look good, but it's also a great break from rigidity to something more natural and paradoxically different. Guys look great in blouses and pastels, and I can't believe people shun them for that!
The more people wear everything they fancy, the better.

I agree with Melodie13. You will not change gender by wearing a piece of clothing.

It is true that to tag this garment this and another that is silly. Do skirts or dresses come with a vagina, or pants a penis. Will you miraculously change to the opposite gender. I do not believe that is possible.