Clowning Around With Pies

This is a true story. I did something I never thought I'd do before. I found a mistress/domme that would grant my request to smear pies in my face while I was dressed up in a clown costume. I arranged everything ahead of time having a costume and a wig that I picked out online and sending money so it could be purchased. The two items arrived there and soon the day came for me to proceed with the session I had arranged. The price for the session was reasonable, too. When I got there I was picked up and a stop was made to purchase plenty of whipped cream cans and plates plus a shower curtain to retain the mess.

At the location I changed into the clown costume which consisted of three yellow buttons on the front and a yellow neck ruffle that I tied around my neck. Then I put on the wig and a mob cap that came with it. Admired myself in the mirror for one last time then went and sat in a chair in a location that had been chosen for the session. Asked how I wanted to be pied I said to have them pushed into my face. Request was granted. Piles of whipped cream loaded the paper plates and one by one each plate was pushed and smeared around my face and head. It was an exciting moment especially trying to breathe under mounds of whipped cream but I managed. Even had one banana cream pie pushed in my face with the crust still in the pie tin. Took the crust out and hit myself with it with the mistress/domme pushing more crust on me to get it to stick. In the middle of the session one pie was pushed into my face with the plate sticking to me. Two more were pushed on each side of my head - a pie sandwich and stuck there. Another plate stuck to the back. The wig was a mess as well as the hat . As an added humiliation with the four plates stuck to me a can of whipped cream could be heard being sprayed on top of the stuck plates and around that area covering me more. At the end a loaded down whipped cream pie was placed on top of my head causing the contents to drip down. I was a complete mess but it was fun. The neck ruffle got plastered and literally stuck to the costume.

It was a pleasant experience and one that I will never forget.
piefanatic piefanatic
1 Response Dec 11, 2012