One-sided Nudity, Two-way Pleasure

A year ago, if I had even heard of CMNF and was aware what those initials stood for, I would have said “That’s too kinky for me.”  Yet in fact, without even thinking about it, I have been a practitioner for some time.

I am proud of my body, and though I hesitate to call myself “hot”, I am not unsightly to behold. When I first started dating my boyfriend, Andrew, I knew he liked me in short skirts and skimpy dresses when we went out – he gets a kick out of showing me off, and I am flirty enough that I enjoy the attention. On my birthday, he bought me lingerie that left little to the imagination, and as his reward I wore it for him during our candlelight dinner. He was wearing a suit, and he was really turned on by the fact that he was fully clothed and I was almost naked. So was I, which sort of surprised me at the time.

The following weekend, I went over to his place. Andrew was renovating an old house; we now live there together and spend most of our weekends working on it. As we started on the job of tearing up the old floorboards, I decided to give him a treat and took off all my clothes. His eyes nearly popped (as they say in the classics) from surprise and delight. Although, as it turned out, we didn’t get a lot of work done that day, due to Andrew’s constant distraction, I have made it a habit, at least when we’re working inside the house. I wear gloves, boots and goggles, but usually nothing in between. At times it is not the most convenient or comfortable way to work, but it’s a nice feeling to be able to give you boyfriend pleasure, and of course, I get pleasure out of pleasing him, so we’re both happy. That surprised me at first, because I am a feminist and I have always believed a relationship should be based on equality.

The funny thing is that Andrew is very conservative when it comes to revealing his own body. There’s also an element of dominance and submission in the one-sided nudity, which appeals to both of us despite my beliefs. We work side by side in a university department and I am Andrew’s “superior” – not exactly his boss, but I have a higher ranking. Sometimes I do have to give him orders. So when we come home in the evening and I take off my clothes, it helps restore the balance. It reminds us both that he is the man of the house – he wears the pants, and all the other clothing as well.

Anyway, I never really thought much about this until last summer.

Andrew and I had made our home liveable enough that we held a house-warming, and somehow we came up with the idea of a lingerie party. The guys came dressed as “playboys” – in tuxedos, etc. – and we gals put on our sexiest lingerie. And naturally, as the evening progressed and the alcohol flowed, we started to shed our bits and pieces. The upshot is that, a few weeks later, remembering the good time we’d had, we decided to go all the way, with a CMNF party.

There were about twenty people. We girls all arrived fully dressed, and feeling shy. No one wanted to be the first to bare all, and it took an hour or so before anyone worked up the courage. Eventually we started by taking off our shirts, then after a while we got down to our undies. Later our bras came off, at least those of us who’d had the foresight to wear them in the first place. Because several of us (not including me) were already bare-breasted at this stage, our inhibitions had already been loosened and it didn’t take long for our knickers to come down as well.

We had made a rule that there would be no touching, fondling or groping except between established partners. The other rule was that the guys keep their gear on – not just for the CMNF aspect, but also to minimise the chances of any unplanned hanky-panky. So it was not much different from most parties, except that half the guests were nude. The guys acted very civilized and tried to carry on as if there was nothing special happening. As for me, I found it a rather interesting experience – there I am, standing in the middle of the room with a drink in my hand, casually discussing some topic with a couple of guys, and they’re fully clothed and I’m stark naked. Occasionally their gaze would linger on my breasts or wander down to my crotch, which I found a little embarrassing (at first), but I could hardly blame them for wanting to look.

Since then, this has become part of my regular lifestyle. We haven’t had any more CMNF parties, but sometimes when we entertain guests with whom I’m comfortable, I put on my birthday suit, and sometimes I’m able to persuade the girls to get their dresses off as well. I rarely wear clothes around the house when Andrew and I are alone, and never to bed. That way, I tell him, “you can have me whenever you want” – which pleases him no end.

I have become quite the exhibitionist, I suppose, but only in private. What I have learned is that, although the nudity is one-sided, the pleasure is shared equally.

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Interesting.....what about CFNM?

Fantastic lady. You are Hot.

A great story, sweetie; thank
you for posting it! :).

Good story!
Pls take a look at my profile, and then consider adding me to your circle. Thx.

like the equality in your partnership,work-wise your boss at home you swap the roles,good for you.

Awesome story, what an awesome girl!!!!! What a lucky guy to have a partner as open as you are, well done...

You are a very liberated woman who is comfortable in her femininity.

I am becoming more aware of the people who are involved with cmnf, actually I was friended by a couple just recently here on EP. What a refreshing concept. I would love to be part of that myself, but I am the guy and I am the one who always has his clothes off! Such is life..

Penny it is a great story and you are a very lucky couple to live thisbway

Penny<br />
your retelling of your CMNF experience is exceptional - it really is great to hear from a young woman so confident in her self and her nudity that she can share - not in a sexual way - herself with others. it would be a wonderful world if more people had your attitide towards life.<br />
My wife and I are both very comfortable in the nude, alone and in company of other nudists, but we have not yet had the opportunity to try the CMNF lifestyle - even for a short time. <br />
I say this, but in retrospect, if I look at some of our fancy dress photos she has definitely been semi-nude and barely dressed in the company of lots of fellow revellers on many occasion!

Sounds like a lot of fun. How do you find or approach 20 couples to paricipate in the party?

I loved your story and being male I have aways thought that a naked female has more power over a clothed male. My wife and I have done some CMNF adventure with men over to our house. <br />
I have found that the humiliation and embarrassment of my wife stripping for a man she has just met turn to almost uncontrollable excitement and sexually tension<br />
My wife goes from humiliated because she is taking off her clothes in front of this guy that she just met<br />
To embarrassement at having to show him her most intimate being <br />
To excitement because she is control of the situation<br />
To wanting the man to touch her in ways to sexaully excite her <br />
What are your feelings on this

A truly amazing story!

Before moving to our current house and children, my wife practiced this very frequently. I am not sure that it is actually submission. In some ways I would argue that the naked female has more power as they hold what the clothed male desires and control the situation in that way. Just a different perspective. I enjoyed your story as well, very honest and beautiful.

wow so sexy penesara, love it... and love your analysis also...<br />
<br />
Brains and beauty... love it<br />
<br />
The issue for me is mainly sexual.. I would not say it is natural or "no big deal" whenever there is nudity.. for me it IS sexual... contained desires, beautiful textures, even artistic beauty they can call it... but I feel it in my groin...<br />
<br />
even when I was at the nude beach in Cali, I tried to make it look natural to be in touch the visible nonsexual environment and not to get "expelled due to erection" lol... but I even if I was not showing it fully, my body played a trick on me and teh pre-*** was not contained... but flowing... lol <br />
<br />
felt a little ashamed by it but at the same time thought... "talk about natural" lol<br />
<br />
Kisses<br />

Nobody has ever invited me to a CMNF party! Maybe I'm associating with the wrong people! <br />
Luckily, I have the nude beach to fall back on, where the girls are naked every day!

This is a great story. I am a nudist and kind of an exhibitionist myself. I prefer to be naked whenever I can, or to wear minimal amounts of clothing when I can't be completely nude. I find it to be a huge turn on when I notice a guy checking me out, so I'd love to participate in one of your parties.

I look forward to reading about more of your experiences.

great story. its great when someone is comfortable with their sexuality and their body.

I love your story, the fact you don't just do it, but understand at such a sophisticated level and by the way stating you are a feminist. If that's what they call a feminist, then I'm one too... CMNF in all its sub forms (with less clothing to none, with bikinis etc) is clearly the most natural way to express the roles between the sexes. <br />
<br />
Fashion has always underlined the feminine body and covered the masculine one. I am strongly opposed to men in tight shirts or suits. I have nothing against a showing off that I work out, but it depends on the setting: the beach? sure. The office: nah... not really. In fact, I think this is a process caused by gay fashion designers. Look at the boys of today with their bags hanging over one shoulder, in t-shirts that were a clear sign of the gay community 10 years ago. Just watch the red carpets around the globe, e.g. the Oscar night, and compare the attires... There you go. <br />
<br />
Keep up the good writing, I really love it.

Hi , I have posted one here before and love the idea of CMNF, and wish I could start having parties with my wife thanks!

haha wow thoughts like that are so truly caring. You care about your BF's masculinity while being proud and happy with your feminism at the same time :) That's a win win situation (like they said in the classics :P )<br />
<br />
haha good stuff<br />

THe first itme I'd ever heard of this was when I saw Manet's painting, "Picnic in the grass" At least it seems that was the title translated from french. In any case the dynamic is really interesting, and sexy.<br />
<br />
This story was genuinely insightful and eloquently delivered. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Lovely - I like the way this fits in with both your desires so well.

Thank you. I am in the process of writing up another couple of my experiences.<br />
~ Penny

This is fascinating, and you write well about it Pennesarah. I look forward to reading more of your writing on this subject.

It’s an interesting commentary on human society that in different (or even the same) cultures, women’s coverage or lack thereof is a symbol of either empowerment or oppression, and sometimes both. Unlike most menswear, women’s clothing is (generally) designed and intended to give pleasure, whether it’s aesthetic or sexual, to both the wearer and the observer. When we say we wear this or that because it makes us feel good, what we really mean is that it makes us look good and that makes us feel good. <br />
And making someone else feel good is empowering, because you exercise control over their emotions.<br />
<br />
Oddly enough, the idea that women’s clothing is designed to give pleasure also applies in “traditional” cultures where a woman is completely covered. Apologists claim this is to protect the woman’s modesty. I don’t believe that. Seeing a woman forced behind robes and veils is, in my opinion, for the males in that society an affirmation of their dominant status. The difference is that this clothing is totally an ex<x>pression of male desires. At least in a CMNF society, the female’s sexuality is also being projected.

""only one of you is doing it in the nude - and it has to be you, BECAUSE YOU ARE THE WOMAN."...This is indeed the essence of CMNF, at least for me."<br />
<br />
It seems like you couldn't slip a cigarette paper between us on this one. <br />
<br />
And what you have pointed out elsewhere is that this is only really taking to the extreme issues that are actually present in everyday life. I.e. women do behave in ways that not only cause them to expose/present their bodies to a greater degree than men but also cause them to experience inconvenience and discomfort in the process of giving visual pleasure - e.g. bikini waxing, wearing high-heeled shoes. The fact that something like Erythea is kind of happening in reality - albeit in a more muted form - is what makes it so good. <br />
<br />
Notice that it is actually societies where men have more power, e.g. in the middle east, that are the furthest away from CMNF (women have to cover up). Maybe as women around the world continue to gain rights, freedom, power, whatever you like to call it, our societies will evolve ever closer towards a CMNF reality.

Well, there are two important aspects to this. (1) There is pleasure to be found in giving pleasure. (2) There are many pleasures that involve inconvenience and discomfort. Of course, the joy of CMNF is that it’s one-sided and, as you say, “deliciously unfair.”<br />
Quote: “Both of you are working hard on the house, but only one of you is doing it in the nude - and it has to be you, BECAUSE YOU ARE THE WOMAN.... you have to deal with issues that don't concern your boyfriend, because he is fully and comfortably clothed and protected.”<br />
This is indeed the essence of CMNF, at least for me. The issues include embarrassment and humiliation… I do feel them even though the nudity (in private) has become almost routine.<br />
To borrow a line from Shania Twain: When I am naked and he’s fully clothed, “Man, I feel like a woman!”

May I add to the last, that what is also great is that you put up with the inconvenience and discomfort caused by your nudity because it gives pleasure to your boyfriend.

"At times it is not the most convenient or comfortable way to work, but it’s a nice feeling to be able to give you boyfriend pleasure"<br />
<br />
That is great to read. It is part of the imbalance and gender unfairness thing. Both of you are working hard on the house, but only one of you is doing it in the nude - and it has to be you, because you are the woman. And because you are working in the nude, you have to deal with issues that don't concern your boyfriend, because he is fully and comfortably clothed and protected. And while your nudity causes you a little inconvenience and discomfort, it gives your boyfriend pleasure and enjoyment. Your boyfriend is working on the house, but you are working on the house, and being visually decorative, and sacrificing convenience and comfort in the process. It is all so deliciously unfair!

VWBusGuysWife... You raise a very interesting point. I don’t like undressing in front of people. It’s more embarrassing than the actual being naked. At the party I wrote about, we (the girls) helped each other undress, which makes it easier.<br />
Johnnycancer... Yes, we do talk about this. It is an integral part of our relationship that we both really enjoy. It would be a shame if the power balance shifted, because we would lose that aspect of the CMNF dynamic.<br />
I hope to write about both these issues as I post some more of my experiences.

I really enjoyed hearing about your experience, particularly getting to hear your thoughts and feelings on the power imbalance aspect of CMNF. I also found it especially interesting to hear about how CMNF balances out your relationship. Have you and your boyfriend every specifically addressed this aspect of it?