Why I Do It.

I am female, and do both CMNF, and CFNM, and thouroughly enjoy both. My reasons on doing CMNF are the exciement, and stimulation of being nude, and vulnerable around a man, or group of men. The men seem to think that they are getting the biggest thrill out of this experience, but in my eyes I am getting an even bigger one. Being the center of attention, realizing that you are totally vulnerable in the situation. I have done CMNF groups where it was done in a noraml environment (meaning just acting as if you were clothed while at the party), and I have done groups where it was allowed to turn more sexual as the night proceeded. All in all, definately one of the highlights of my life to this point.
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I'm all for CMNF but if it's a woman who thoroughly loves being naked in front of us guys while we enjoy the sight of your naked body is even better!

All this and you can play b-ball as well? I can only let my imagination run wild as to your honey smooth and alluring accent. Wish I were 35 again even if you do have twins and a husband.

that's so hot and exciting

CMNF and CFNM??? what does it mean??? Please tell me.

CMNF - Covered Male Nude Female
CFNM - Covered Female Nude Male
Essentially, one of the male or the female is fully covered (meaning is fully clothed), while the remaining gender is fully nude.


Maybe we could get my CFNM group to meet up with your CMNF group and see what happens?


Would love to read more of those stories, how did it all turn out??

I would agree that to be the naked subject of attention is far better than being clothed. I'd love to get to a CFNM party at some poin!

I would really like to do this! It would be a massive turn on! I am getting wet just thinking about it!

Mmmm naughty girl

Yes its a very exciting prospect!- respect

An excellent story! I am looking forward to participating in both CMNF and CFNM situations!<br />
It would be fun to watch and to be watched!

I am sure I would get turned on if I was in that situation. How embarrassing that would be. Of course, it shows so much more on a man.

sounds like fun

I agree.

Not the same thing, but I enjoy being nude among people; so I can somewhat imagine the joy and envy you for it.

“Men seem to think that they are getting the biggest thrill out of this experience, but in my eyes I am getting an even bigger one.”<br />
Exactly this :o)

Cool. I knew you had been in CMNF situations, but I didn't realize you did the parties now too. :)