I Was ******** Naked At A Cmnf Fraternity Party!

This story is a response/follow-up to davlaw's "First of Two" story in this group.  Read it before continuing:  EP Link

I wonder how common CMNF parties are in College?  Was davlaw's party a Fraternity party?  It may be a traditional thing done on many Campuses because my Fraternity had a very similar event at the beginning of each school year.

While I was at College I went to a lot of wild parties in the Fraternity houses.  There was one popular house which I got invited to a lot and I dated some of the brothers off & on.  One of them became a steady boyfriend.

This Frat had "Little Sisters" who were considered to belong to the Fraternity and (usually) ate a big Sunday Supper there with all of the other brothers & sisters, and sometimes stayed overnight at the house even though they lived elsewhere.  The house was closed to visitors on Sunday evenings and there were rumors all over Campus about wild parties & even orgies which happened after dinner.  Later I found out for myself, but that is a different message!

You knew who was a sister because on the weekends they wore tube tops (with no bras!) with the Frat's Greek letters on them and tight cutoff jean shorts which fastened with a heart-shaped padlock instead of a belt.  I thought they looked so cute wearing their identical jean shorts!  I didn't understand then what I would learn about them later!

After the Frat finished initiating a pledge class of new brothers they then turned to selecting a new group of "Little Sisters".  I was nominated by several of the Brothers.  So I pledged!  But first I had to pass all of the tests and make it though the initiation.  

Less than one third of the girls who were nominated would make it all the way through the testing period, the rest would either drop out or be eliminated along the way (or during the initiation).  So it was pretty challenging to get picked.

On the first evening all of the girls being considered were required to attend a CMNF party at the Frat House.  I was one of them!  Only the prospective "Pledge Sisters" would be naked, all of the current Brothers (including the newest pledge class) and Little Sisters stayed dressed.

Just like in davlaw's story, we had to bring a "safety chaperon" as our escort to & from the party and they had to be someone we had just met in College (this was my Freshman year) and shared at least one class with and who had never seen us naked before!  So former acquaintances & boyfriends were automatically excluded and maximum embarrassment was guaranteed!!

Believe it or not, finding someone who was willing to help me wasn't as easy as you might think!!!  I had to ask several people before I got a "Are you really going to be naked the whole night?  Hell yeah, I'll do it!".

We were told that no one was allowed to touch us in any way without our escort's permission and that they could stop anything that was happening to us at any time without any penalty but if we failed to attempt any test or stopped something ourselves it would count against us.  So picking the right person and discussing ALL of our likes & limits with them ahead of time was essential!  More embarrassment!!!

At the beginning of the party we were lined up in front of everyone and then each of us in turn was ******** completely naked (our clothing was taken away & locked up) by our chosen escort, who then also participated in our other trials & torments during the party.

davlaw didn't mention it in his story but to complete the CMNF challenge we were required to leave our clothes at the Frat House.  If we demanded them back we automatically failed.

What else happened at the party?  That's X-Rated and need-to-know only!!  Tee hee!!!  So I'll just skip to the end.  (Tell me how you are imagining it -- if YOU were running the party what would you make us do?  What would you do to "test" us and learn whether we had the right stuff to be your Little Sister?  Friends may ask me privately about everything that I experienced that night.)

At the end of the party (around 2AM) each of us was escorted outside still naked (and more than a little tipsy!) by our chaperon, who was charged with making sure we stayed nude and didn't cover up in any way without their permission until we reached home.  (No one said we couldn't hide behind them!)  In my case we rode his motorcycle back to my dorm and then they walked me up to my room.  The final step was for them to call the Frat to report on my safe (& nude!) arrival.

The girls who were eliminated (by veto or fewest votes) were given their clothes back the next day.  The girls who passed this first test were given their Pledge Sister clothes instead and we were required to wear them every day on campus until the initiation ceremony.

The sexy outfits were a challenge all by themselves -- we weren't given the key to the padlock!  How they worked and the other tests and the initiation itself are several additional exciting & hot stories.  I could also entertain you with stories about our activities/duties/privileges after becoming Little Sisters.
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very hot and so you- nice

Horny story!

Great story there girl lol

Love a good story ,like pictures as well

Very hot story Chrissy! I can imagine the parts left out! If I'd been in charge, one thing you'd have been required to do would be to ********** ( to ******) in front of all! No or gas m - no passing grade! Would you have passed? See my profile & please add me

Since EPSupport decided to delete my three most popular stories (without any reason), this story is now number one based on the number of times it has been viewed! If you like this one you'll probably like my other stories too. (Start with the story featured on my profile.)

This is the hottest ****. I wanna be in the room nothing but good hot trim sitting around watching me nude.

Well, we didn't have those kinds of fraternities over here, sadly, but one Saturday in my first year at uni the students' union put on a pyjama party. One girl we knew was going round our group checking to see if the guys had put anything on underneath. They all had but for a laugh I nipped t and removed my under shorts to call her bluff.
When we were close she had her peek and never reacted at all. Later, and after some drinking had happened, I found myself being whisked through a door and downstairs by her and two of her friends. One clearly knew where an empty room was! Once inside they pulled up their nighties one by one and pointed out that as they were good girls they had panties on underneath. All the time they were looking at my crotch and giggling a bit, pointing out they were not always good. Then they started to ease down their panties.

It was a good plan because in no time I had responded and it was clear that I was well and truly standing to attention. Beth, the original one, walked forward (hampered by her state of 'revealment') and eased aside the opening of my pyjamas so the girls had an uninterrupted view of my salute to them. It was all a good laugh. They sorted out their attire and said they'd see me back upstairs when I had recovered !

It was pretty funny.

Had a similar experience but no escort and it got to the point where I felt uncomfortable when a dude got a bit to close. And I watch a guy eat a guys nut who came on a chucks ***.

Very hot story! Incredible!!!

Wow! Hot and dirty too! X.

my first veto would be girls wearing cotton panties,

What else happened at the party? I need-to-know!

(Have you ever seen a man explode from curiosity? Not a pretty sight)

I liked DavLaw's Ice challenge. I might have designed a similar challenge, but with fruit salad and cream or icecream spread on naked pledges, with the Frat members picking the fruit off with either fingers or chopsticks. (Nipples are a bit hard to distinguish from strawberries.)
Perhaps the chaperones would be asked to lick the remnants from the pledges' bodies....

Wow, very hot, sorry to have missed that college experience

I've gotten questions about the padlocked jean shorts so I guess I need to explain them. Imagine a zipper front with a button or snap at the top. A small padlock is locked onto to the zipper pull and moves up/down with it as the zipper is closed or opened. If you remove the button or snap you are left with two flaps each with a hole through the sturdy denim fabric. To lock the shorts on you pass the padlock through the two holes. Now you can't pull the tight shorts down to pee until you convince a Frat Brother to unlock you!!! There's more to how the shorts worked (they were "special" in several ways, and panties weren't allowed) but that's the part about the padlock.

The next question that gets asked after I tell someone that is "Did YOU ever get desperate and have a pee accident while wearing them?". So I'll go ahead and answer it now. Yes, I did, each of the Little Sisters had to as part of the pledging!

The first time the jean shorts were locked on they stayed on until you peed. The amount of beer we drank was the same for each pledge and the girl who held her pee for the longest became the head of the class, with the rest in descending rank. (Like a pecking order for hens, only ours was a peeing order for sisters!)

It only counted if you peed outside in front of other people with at least one Frat brother witnessing your performance! Otherwise you have to do it again!! The first time is a well attended event so it is quite a show at the end with all of the new girls doing the pee desperation dance in front of a large audience!!!

The shorts are a light peach color that turns quite dark when wet so there is no way to hide when it happens. You are left with an obvious cameltoe snugging your wet ***** until you are allowed to remove the shorts and wash them. Even just getting aroused sometimes spotlights your moist slit to everyone!

Speaking of sisters, two of the girls who pledged with me are identical twins. Emmanuel & Stephanie both peed at the same time which was cute & hot but I think they cheated and planned a tie so one twin couldn't order the other around. We made them Roshambo for dominance but they knew each other so well that that took forever! And it was difficult telling them apart anyway so it didn't matter, they could fool us and switch it up whenever they wanted. (I frequently want to spank BOTH of them. Especially when they look at each other and giggle! They just bring that out in me.)

What do you think we did to the lowest girl, the one who lost her pee first? I won't tell you everything here except that her uniform got taken (both top & bottom!) and she had to earn it back by ************ right on the spot if she wanted to continue pledging. (There always had to be a "Pee *****" so someone else had to do it if she dropped out. That caused some peer pressure on the loser and didn't happen very often.)

We were encouraged to do things trying to make the other girls pee first. So the competition to keep drinking and hold your pee as long as you could was pretty fierce! No one wanted to be ******** naked and put through "The Ritual of Public Disgrace". (Well actually, I kinda did! But don't tell anyone, that's a secret! ~~BLUSH!~~)

Only then at the end we got hosed down and all of our wet uniforms collected "to be washed" so we ended up naked on Campus (& displayed to a crowd!) anyway.

The only thing more embarrassing is later when you are forced to do it on your own (at a bar or club for instance) without other girls distracting attention from your peccant public pee predicament. Which of course the brothers take great delight in setting up so your "accident" gets noticed by lots of people. (OMG! Everyone is looking at me!!)

Then a piece of bright yellow string is tied to a loop at the back of the shorts where the end dangles down and swishes your lower butt cheeks and the back of your thighs whenever you are standing up. Each time you get so desperate you are forced to pee in public while wearing the jean shorts you get another string tied on like a tail, advertising to everyone how many times you have done that as you walked around on Campus.

Some girls got a LOT of strings! And it was no secret what they met. Guys could get away with staring at or touching your butt using the excuse that they are just "counting your strings"! No matter how many you had he then loudly announced the result: "Hey everyone, guess how many times Chrissy has peed herself in public!".

No, I won't tell you how many I had!! But the strings tickled me constantly!! And somehow that sensation gets telegraphed directly to my concupiscent **** making it stiffen and poke out wanting to be itched!! I'm kept feeling hot & needy from my impudent **** getting teased incessantly by rubbing along the inside seam of the shorts. All of the Little Sisters were desperate for sex all of the time, especially me!!

And it just gets worse (better??) when I'm not allowed to pee!!! ZMG I <u>love</u> those shorts!!!! They make me insanely horny!!!!!

Is that how Lil Sis's are supposed to be initiated? new we were missing something.

That was just the first challenge/event/test during pledging. The rest up to &amp; including the initiation ceremony was much hotter!

Would love to hear the details! and see any photos! Please add me!

never had anything like this in my frat.....! great

good story...!!!!.....that happened to me-----in the opposite way....NMCF...at a sorority!

I was never in a fraternity and would love to hear more of your stories. Would you consider adding me?

Tell us more please!

I love the idea of watching hot chics lined up and ********. Couldn't hardly be hotter

blah blah blah.

@Carrie222: Oh no, don't leave it to my imagination, tell me privately! I have many hot stories to trade about stuff I did in College, including events/initiations/parties/stunts/etc. by Clubs & Dorms & Frats & Soros.

WOW ! Quite the erotic hot story ! i can see n9ow why CMNF is so hot now! its awesome foreplay and very stimulating ! id love to hear more and see more babe. please add me. peter xo

Oh, you tease! Nicely written!

Several people have asked about acronyms: CMNF stands for "Clothed Male, Naked Female" -- all men are clothed normally, all women must remain completely nude at all times. CCNC is many clothed couples with one couple selected to be ******** naked and provide entertainment. ENF is "Embarrassed Naked Female". N&HF is "Naked & Handcuffed Female". (I just made up that last one. But hey, now it's on the Internet!)

Great story, but can you please explain what a cmnf party is?

You're creative, an organizer, and fearless. What an exciting adventurer you would be to travel with!<br />
<br />
Make it happen!<br />
<br />

Do the CFNM alll the time. LOL

The Frat also had a foam party near the end of the year. That was sort of CMNF because they would dump foam over your head and before you could see again your bikini was untied and taken away!

I hope you don't think I was being critical about the motorbike. The best part of CMNF is doing "foolish youth" things.<br />
Of course, even in my wildest moments I wouldn't be catching a bus naked. You never know what ends up on the seats :o)

@pennesarah: It does demand an explanation and I do like to leave "more to the story" so people will comment and/or write to me privately. I'm not really here to entertain strangers who read my stories but never interact with me. I'd love for YOU to write to me!<br />
<br />
There's no "so to speak" about it, I <i>was</i> riding bareback (except for a helmet)! And have on other occasions as well, (mostly) back in my foolish youth. Yes, he was extra, extra careful. This time there wasn't far to go, just from the Frat House to my Dorm. A bit far to walk naked although I could have cut across campus. His motorcycle had to take the long way around using regular streets (and showing me off to more strangers!), they're not allowed on the paths. During the day I could have waited at the bus stop for one of the buses that circled the campus but they don't run that early in the morning.

I have waited for a bus in the nude. The first time I was ******** at gunpoint was at a bus stop when I was nineteen. I\'ve also had other naked adventures involving public transportation. Such as stripping completely while changing outfits on a busy commuter train in Dallas (DART). (I\'ll trade stories for those.)

Nice experience. You like to leave us hanging, don’t you? For example: “The sexy outfits were a challenge all by themselves -- we weren't given the key to the padlock! “ That demands an explanation :o)<br />
As bold as I can be, I would be very reluctant to ride a motorcycle bareback (so to speak). I could put up with the wind and the insects and whatever else was thrown at me; but... I had a friend who came off his bike at low speed, and though he was wearing leathers he still got major gravel rash. But I’m sure your chaperon was extra, extra careful.

Excellent story. I agree with 302trucker. Sordid details are always welcome here.<br />
The part that stood out for me was the fact that only the pledge sisters were naked, not the pledge brothers. The true essence of cmnf! Congratulations to all concerned.<br />
We don’t have fraternities and sororities over here, but we had more than our fair share of orgies. Laura’s cmnf party was organized by a campus club of which she was a member.

More stories, please. This one, even without all the sordid details is very hot! I'd love to hear the sordid details too!

No one really "dates" in College but like davlaw & his Robyn I ended up seeing my chaperon often after that evening. And he saw ALL of me too on numerous additional occasions! There was no point in hiding anything, he had seen (& touched!!) everything already!!! Tee hee.