CMNF Ranch, Chapter One (with Spanking!)

Living on the CMNF Ranch:  Thomas (the owner, forty-four years old), Scott (his son, seventeen), Tammy (his daughter, sixteen), Rosa (the babysitter & cook & housekeeper, twenty-two) and Lucky the Wonder Dog.

Visiting for the first time today:  Chrissy (twenty-seven) and Dawn (her adopted daughter, sixteen).

Author's note:  These characters are a composite of real people & events from my childhood so their ages & relationships & etc. reflect experiences in my own life.  If that bothers you just think of everyone as being eighteen and only having "appropriate" encounters.  I won't mind and it's still a fun story.

The van from the airport dropped off Chrissy & Dawn in front of the ranch house late Friday afternoon.  They would be staying for the next ten days (actually, it would turn out to be much longer than that!) with Dawn's boyfriend Scott and his family.  Scott came out to greet them and help them with their bags.

Chrissy hadn't really known what to expect when she let her teenage daughter talk her into this vacation.  But this was obviously a large & well-run & up-scale ranch, starting with the large sign over the long road leading from the entrance which said "CMNF Ranch".

She had heard Dawn saying those letters to her but hadn't asked about them.  Now she wondered again what they stood for as she looked around at the fields & barns & other buildings as they drove up.  And now that they were at the house, she was impressed with how large and elegant it was, more like a hotel than just a house!  It reminded her of something out of a movie!

She saw some kind of legal notice on a metal sign next to the front door but after tipping the van driver all she had time to read before following Dawn & Scott inside were the letters at the top:  "CMNF".

Scott used his keys to unlock what looked like a closet next to the front door.  It turned out to be a small changing room which was mostly full of womens clothes.  He carried their bags into the room and pushed them under a bench, then he said "Leave your clothing here.".  Chrissy was shocked to see her daughter nodding her head in agreement and getting undressed!

In just moments Dawn was standing naked & unashamed and hanging her clothes up!  Before her scandalized Mom could do anything more than gasp and shriek "Dawn!!  What are you doing!!!", Scott had turned to her and said "You too, Chrissy.  Take off your clothes, they will be safe here.".

"Young man, I certainly will do no such thing!  And you will address me as Mrs . . . ."

But Scott interrupted her.  "Here you are just Chrissy.  All females are addressed by their first names while on The Ranch.  And you are not allowed to wear clothing of any kind.  That's what Clothed Male Naked Female means.".

Then Dawn said "Mom!  I told you it was CMNF here and you said it was OK!!  You are embarrassing me in front of my boyfriend!!!".

But Chrissy continued to refuse both of their efforts to convince her to *****.  Whatever CMNF stood for and whatever Dawn thought she had agreed to, she simply couldn't get naked in this strange house, and certainly not while this strange, confident & demanding boy was watching her!!  No way, never!!!

Even when Scott frowned and said "I'll ask you one more time Chrissy.  No?  Very well then, I will let my Father deal with you.  He should be home in about half an hour.".  And then he closed & locked the closet door with their bags and all of her daughter's clothes inside!

Scott grabbed Dawn's hand and was all smiles again as he lead her daughter through the library into the living room and dining room, then into the family room, talking excitedly about each new area as he gave them a tour of the grand old house.

Chrissy remembered the legal notice posted at the front door and wondered if she had made the right decision as she followed the fully dressed boy and her completely naked daughter from room to room.  What did Scott mean by saying his Father would "deal" with her?

Then she was shocked again when they got to the huge kitchen and she saw a stunningly beautiful woman working there along with a cute & sexy teenage girl, and both of them were completely naked too!  The girl was tanned evenly from head to toe, with no tan lines at all.  The woman was black, so there were no tan lines to see on her either.

There was a sliding glass door leading out back and Chrissy could see more boys & girls and men & women around or in the swimming pool, playing Volleyball on the lawn or using the outdoor shower -- and those girls & women were nude as well!  But none of the boys or men!!!

Scott presented them to the woman first:  "Rosa, this is my girlfriend Dawn and her step-mother Chrissy.  They will be staying with us for the next ten days.".

Rosa looked at Chrissy's clothes and shook her head slowly back & forth while smiling broadly.  "Oh Lordy!  Girl, what have you done!!  Master is going to rip those right off you!!!  And then he's going to . . . ".

"Rosa, mind your manners, these are our guests!  Sis, come meet my girl and her Mom.  Chrissy & Dawn, this is Tammy."

The young girl came running up and gave Dawn an enthusiastic hug & kiss!  "We're going to have so much fun this week!!!!!"  Then she turned to Chrissy and bowed & curtsied prettily before holding out her hand and saying:  "It's nice to meet you Miss Chrissy.  But you really should get undressed before Father arrives!  Tee hee!".

Tammy joined them while Scott showed Chrissy & Dawn the rest of the house.  Rosa remained in the kitchen working on a large dinner.  Tammy took over the tour while holding Dawn's hand and eagerly dragging her here & there showing her everything.  She would say something out loud to Chrissy and then she would whisper something else into Dawn's ear and both girls would look over at Scott and giggle like the schoolgirls they were!

The house (or was it a hotel?) was huge!  There were many guest bedrooms and several bathrooms.  Along the way they encountered two more naked women who were on their way out to the pool.  Eventually Scott & Tammy led them to an area they said was for "family & close friends only".

The whole thing was making Chrissy more & more anxious & excited & nervous.  Her mind was in a furious jumble thinking about everything that had been said so far and unconsciously counting down the thirty minutes until "Father" arrives.  And why was her ***** so wet at the thought of exposing her womanly curves and revealing her naughty bits to a boy her daughter's age?  And also to the strange man who Rosa had called "Master"?

It didn't help calm her down at all when Tammy showed them a large bedroom with a queen-sized bed and said "This is Scott's and my bedroom.  Dawn, you'll be sleeping with us.".  Chrissy couldn't help but notice the complicated-looking vibrator on the bedside table and when she glanced quickly over at Dawn she could tell that her daughter had seen it too!  Now she blushes??  Not earlier???

Before Chrissy could process & respond to all of that Tammy led them into an even larger bedroom with a king-sized bed which had leather straps fastened to each of the four bedposts and a mirror for a headboard.  Tammy pointed up inside the canopy and showed them there was another mirror over the bed.  And there was a paddle and a whip on this bedside table!  "Chrissy, this is where you will be sleeping with Father & Rosa.".

"Now I want to take you out back and show you the barn & the bunkhouse where the hired hands sleep & the dog kennel & the swimming pool & the horse stable & . . . ."

Just then a tractor pulled up in front of the house and Tammy stopped.  "Daddy is home!"  She ran to the balcony and opened the door and then leaned way out over the railing waving & squealing "We're up here Daddy!!".

Chrissy heard three people talking in gruff masculine voices before two of them drove off in the tractor and the other man came in the front door.  He spoke with Rosa briefly, then Chrissy heard him start walking down the hallway toward the bedroom!!!

She looked around frantically but there was nowhere to escape!  The three nude teenagers were gazing at her expectantly and suddenly she knew what she had to do.  She ******** faster than she had ever ******** before, almost ripping her own clothes off in her haste to get naked!!  She had just barely pushed her panties below her knees when she looked up and saw a man blocking the doorway with his body.  She stood up quickly and covered herself with her hands.

He stood there for a moment, his commanding presence taking in the entire scene, including seeing Chrissy's skimpy panties fluttering down around her ankles.  Then he said "Welcome to our home Dawn.  And you must be Chrissy.  Scott, didn't you tell Chrissy that her clothes belong in the front closet and not scattered around on the floor of our bedroom?".

"Yes Father, I told her twice but she wanted to be bad and wait until you got here."

Chrissy was already blushing hotly but upon hearing Scott's brief pronouncement of her misbehavior she blushed even deeper!

"Very well then.  Tammy, take Dawn out to the pool, Scott will join you there in a few minutes.  Both of you be sure to put plenty of oil on Dawn, we don't want her to get a sunburn on her first day.  There's still time for you kids to have a swim and work up an appetite before Rosa has dinner ready.  I asked her to prepare a special feast tonight.  Dawn, Rosa has a pitcher of fresh-squeezed ice-cold lemonade waiting for you to carry out to everyone."

Dawn & Tammy took one more look at Scott & Chrissy and then scampered out of the room.  Chrissy gasped again when the man playfully slapped each of their bare bottoms as they squeezed through the doorway around him.  Then he turned to look at her again with a stern expression on his face and she dropped her eyes as she found herself unable to maintain eye contact with him.  She had never been in a situation like this before!

She saw that her panties were still around her ankles so she quietly stepped out of them and kicked them behind her with the rest of her discarded clothes.  She knew that the man (Chrissy was already calling him "Master" in her head) was watching every move she made.

She felt her heart pounding and her entire body was trembling in anticipation, even her hands were shaking.  She felt more embarrassed calling attention to herself by holding her hands in front of her so she dropped them to her sides.  That still didn't feel right and she didn't know what to do with her hands until she crossed her wrists behind her back holding them well above her bottom.  Somehow that felt right.

Anyway, her breasts were her best feature and holding her arms behind her lifted them and thrust them forward!  They were topped by large nipples that were crinkled tight and as hard as pebbles!  Her ***** felt hot & wet and her protruding **** was so stiff & swollen & throbbing it ached!

A shudder passed through her and she realized that she was blushing hotly and holding her breath and on the edge of orgasming -- the slightest touch would push her over!  And to make it worse, suddenly she felt like she needed to pee!!!

After a long pause during which she knew he was examining her exposed & flushed nude body from head to toe he said "Chrissy, pick up your clothing and follow Scott to the changing room where you will hang them up properly.  Scott, ask Rosa to show Chrissy where we keep the belts & crops & paddles & whips and have her select the one she wants to be punished with.  I will be waiting for her in my study.".

Then the man stepped aside and she meekly followed Scott out of the room carrying her clothes in her arms.  As she passed him he stopped her and lifted her sticky panties out of the pile to give them a long sniff before smiling and dropping them back on top . . . .

That's Friday afternoon.  What happens next?  Who will tell us about the rest of Friday evening, including what happens to Chrissy & Dawn before/during/after bedtime?  And the next morning?  Who has naughty ideas about Chrissy & Dawn having more adventures and making new friends on the CMNF Ranch over the following week?

p.s.:  I do not apologize for having Chrissy paddled/spanked/strapped/whipped/whatever in a CMNF story.  For the slower ones of you out there, *I* am "Chrissy" in this story!  If I can't get naked and spank myself in my own story, when can I get spanked?  (No, really, I want to know!  Tell me, when can I get spanked?  Tee hee.)
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As soon as I know chrissy is on the ranch, I will get into my GTO and rush to the front door. I will make sure that chrissy's panties are in the closet for good and make her appear before the master myself and punish her with a paddle on her bare bottom 5 times just to get her off the hook. Then every night I will let her be herself and enjoy the fruits of nudity.

I would heart your fine beginning to this story, but you don't' t seem to be impressed with soft responses.
Chrissy has been openly defiant, and was witnessed by others in the Master's household, so. to maintain household order, she must be disciplined in public.
To be fair, however, she has not already acknowledged her new Master before stripping herself as he approached ' so may not have understood her new slavegirl status before arriving at the CMNF (like that acronym) Ranch, so she might be given the chance to acknowledge her Master more privately.
I would have her select the instrument of her punishment and bring it , under escort, to the Study. There she must be Spanked on all fours for 25 strokes, then made to accept her slavery before the Master and her escort by being put on her knees to Acknowledge and to Serve her Master by pleasuring Him with her mouth.
Later, after dinner, she must be turned across her Master's table in the presence of All and Spanked / whipped to tears and beyond so that she will Acknowledge her Master here All.
I would be pleased to work on this discipline matter with you, young lady. I will be in Touch with you ! S.Y.B.N.

@Everyone: I'd love for someone to continue this story! Either here or in a private message.

If I would know where this CMNF-Ranch is located. Then I would travel there immediately and would prefer, that Chrissy accompanies me at this special ranch.


Damn.... I'm friggin hard... I want to sniff your panties too... And lick em ... And wear them around my face urge the wet sticky crotch stuffed in my nostrils.... Mmmmmmmm

New Chrissy, you have such a comfortable writing style. It was easy to get excited and follow along at a brisk pace with this story starter.

you are a tellented writer, I look forward to reading more and more

@ubadventurous2: Thank you for your contribution! @Everyone: I never intended to write the next part of this story, it's more like a gift to the group/Universe. I enjoyed setting up the story, now I want to see how other people are inspired to continue it.

I never heard of Cmnf activities before. That is really hot.

Scott then gives the hose to Dawn and joins in to help his father clean Chrissy up after her first round of punishment. You can't help but notice the water has a chill to it as her lady bumps have became erect and are standing at attention as if waiting for orders from the Master himself. Her nipples were larger than one would have imagined for her fr<x>ame size. Even though she had ample sized breasts that seemed to attract attention in or out of clothes it was her areolas that were most noticeable. They were at least three inches across and were much darker than her soft milky breast were. There was a distinct line around them as if they were had drawn in a perfectly round circle, Scot was paying special attention them while Thomas was ensuring that here backside was free from any remnants of the afternoon splash session. <br />
<br />
Dawn couldn't help but notice that her mother was thoroughly being dominated by the two men. She had mixed feelings about watching her boyfriend rubbing his hands all over her mother, but the tingling feeling she felt deep down inside told her that Scott was only doing this as part of his duties on the ranch.<br />
<br />
After about ten minutes of lather and hosing Thomas said she was clean and to get the towels so they could dry her off. Now it was the father who turned Chrissy around so she was facing him when he noticed just how far her nipples were actually protruding. He commented on how she must be trying to send him a subliminal message. Is there something else you're in need of Chrissy, Thomas asked in deeply commanding voice. She was at such a heightened state on excitement that she could hardly muster up the strength to say, No sir. Good then, no spread your legs a little so the boy and I can get you dry and we can all get in for dinner.<br />
<br />
As soon as Thomas began drying off her shoulders with the velvety smooth cotton soft towels she knew that something deep inside her was about to come rushing to the surface and all she was able to do was bit her lip ever so lightly. He ran the towel down both arms, across her taught and toned stomach and up under her breasts. As he lifted them up with his hand still under the towel he noticed that she seemed to began to shiver, so he asked if she was cold. She replied no sir, just a little nervous as I've never had two men touching me while being naked before. Thomas showed her that half-cocked cowboy grin of his and continued to raise his hands up around her now heaving breasts and grabbed them both beneath the towel. In the instant the towel rubbed across her hypersensitive nipples she let out a school girl sized squeal and fell forward towards Thomas as her knees just seemed to buckle beneath her. He grabbed her and wrapped his denim wrapped farm hand arms and pulled her in tight and back onto her feet while supporting her against his chest. He whispered softly into her ear, "that's it just let it all come out as you are going to need all of your energy for later on tonight" which pushed her completely over the edge and began to let her sweet nectar begin to flow down the inside of her beautifully toned thighs.<br />
<br />
Scott leaned over and told Dawn that he knew Chrissy would really enjoy his dad.<br />
<br />
I hope this meets your standards or at least helps get rid of your writers block. I'm still trying to think of which instrument Chrissy chose to receive her punishment with later on tonight.

It's been quite a while... will you be posting more chapters of this story, Chrissy?


Wonderful story, Chrissy. I have displayed (and disciplined) my lovely pet in front of other men at clubs in the past. But a ranch like this would be exquisite.<br />
Can't wait until your next chapter.

@Summerman: More comments please!

Thanks for the comments Chrissy - I hoped you';d like it. I did think that perhaps Lucky the wonder dog could come along and lick her clean but that would be opening up a whole new load of possibilities!<br />
<br />
More stories please!

You certainly write a good story - please add me to your circle so I can send you a personal message.

@Summerman: OMG! That is so much more than CMNF!! Loves it!!! But I like getting clean after I get dirty so before my hands are untied Scott turns the garden hose on me and makes me *** again with the fast jet of cold water while Dawn is watching her Mother ****** helplessly!!!! And then he picks up two bars of organic soap and hands his Father one and they . . . well, I'll let you fill in the rest!!!!! (Good job. You get a cookie!)

Well this is my continuation. Probably not enough spanking for you but its the best I could do. I wrote this at work which was a surreal experience as people were walking past and I got aroused writing it! <br />
<br />
“Take a swim” said Thomas. Chrissy and Dawn got in the pool. There were at least 5 other women already floating and swimming while the men watched. When they finally got out Thomas and Scott were waiting.. <br />
<br />
The men took towels and started to dry off the women in front of them, patting their skin, their hard nipples, and rubbing the towels softly between their legs. Chrissy could be seen to close her eyes enjoying the sensation. <br />
<br />
They then took some more oil and started to rub this over the womens bodies. Dawn noticed that Scott paid particular attention to her crotch, rubbing oil into her with his fingers, parting her swelling vagina, and pushing his finger into her, before gently withdrawing and moving to insert his finger into her anus. She was already aroused , shuddering as his hand withdrew, and instinctively reaching out her hand to his bulging crotch but being pushed away. “Later” he said.<br />
<br />
Thomas spoke to Chrissy. “I am afraid that you have been disobedient and must be humiliated” he said. Chrissy was led away from the pool to a clearing in a nearby wood. Dawn and Scott took each other’s hand and went inside. <br />
<br />
In the clearing Chrissy’s hands were tied behind her with a rope, and the other end tied to a branch of a tree, leaving enough slack for her to easily bend over. Thomas put a blindfold on her. “You must learn to obey the rules” he said. “I must leave now but no harm will come to you here”<br />
<br />
He left and Chrissy could suddenly sense people around her. It seemed to her that they were looking at her silently. They grew closer and the first hands started to feel her. Further hands joined in, feeling her, exploring every part of her body. Hands started to spank her naked buttocks, softly at first then harder. No notice was taken of her groans of pleasure or pain, or her shudders as she orgasmed. <br />
<br />
As though on a signal, the men stopped. There was a rustling of clothes, and Chrissy started to imagine what would come next. She imagined a number of men, stepping out of their clothes, revealing their tanned, toned naked bodies, and, she couldn’t help thinking, an array of erect penises of various shapes and sizes. Ohh she thought, struggling to contain her mounting arousal. <br />
<br />
She felt hands again, this time bend her over, and she was penetrated in turn by the men, using her mouth, her anus, and her vagina. They thrust slowly in and out, to the extent of their erect *****, and gradually moved faster, bringing themsleves to the edge of climax before withdrawing, to be replaced by other men, other *****, while the rest looked on silently, and she imagined, stroking themselves to retain their erections. <br />
<br />
When they had all finished they lay her on the ground, and stood around her, ***** erect and pulsing, and in uinson they brought themselves to a climax, their *** spirting over her prone body, covering her face, her chest, and crotch. She shuddered again, licking away the dripping liquid around her mouth. She climaxed again and again, liquid seeping from her ****, and urinating in a gush of yellow liquid between her legs. Again and again she felt the spirt of hot liquid landing on her body, *** spirting out in smaller and smaller amounts as they shuddered, and spasmed, until spent and their penises shrank back to their normal size. A hush descended and she imagined that the clearing had cleared and she lay on the ground, listening for a sound, exhausted and wondering what would happen now. <br />
<br />
Eventually Thomas returned, removed her blindfold and led her back to the pool. Dawn looked at her naked stepmother, *** covering her face, starting to congeal, dripping down her chest, and matting her pubic hair. Urine stained her legs. She could barely walk. “Are you OK Mum” she said. Chrissy sighed. “Oh yes” she said, “Oh yes”. “You can tell your father we might have to stay on an extra week!”<br />
<br />
Dawn smiled, thinking about what was to come over the next three weeks;- if that’s what being humiliated is I might start to be a bit naughty and disobedient myself.

@pennesarah: Those are good questions! I wondered if anyone would ask me about the dog in the story. The boring answer is that the events & people (& dog) in this story are based on my real-life experiences. The ranch I grew up on had several farm dogs and the most interesting/smartest was a Collie mix named Lucky Dog. So I felt he belonged in the story too, it's sort of my little memorial to him. Maybe someone will find a bigger part for him to play later in the story, I certainly hope so! If you want the fun answer, write to me privately and ask about my experiences going naked on the farm. I'll trade you something fun from your childhood for it.

Very nice story so far. <br />
I have heard of a dude ranch... now we have a nude ranch. Or is it a lewd ranch? How about a nude raunch?<br />
But I just gotta ask...<br />
Why is Lucky a "Wonder Dog"... and exactly why is Lucky in fact lucky?<br />
Or is it better that I don't ask?<br />

By the way, if there is a lawyer in the group, what sort of things should be put in the legal notice by the front door (or perhaps in a waiver to be signed)? I realize the details will vary by jurisdiction but at least we can assume that the CMNF Ranch is private property and outside of any city limits and work out some general ideas & language. I'd love to see this taken up in a law school as a class research project! (I know it can be done in Texas, I have experienced CMNF in a club that allowed/encouraged/required female visitors to get naked!)

OK, I've outlined the basics, now it's up to the rest of you to add more to this story! (Or to encourage me to write more.)<br />
<br />
Disclaimer: This fictional CMNF scenario allows for continuations involving teenagers having sex and maybe even some brother/sister or father/mother/daughter sex. The story suggests that there will be BDSM and other kinky sex later. And it's a ranch, so getting naughty outdoors or even with dogs/horses is possible if you like that sort of thing. But there is NONE OF THAT actually in my part of this story.<br />
<br />
I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for what OTHER PEOPLE post in these comments!!! (I experimented with bondage and nudity & sex in public and ********** and various other fun things while I was growing up. But if YOU want to write about something taboo or unusual that you have experienced or fantasize about, you should probably send it to me privately rather than posting it here.)<br />
<br />
Other than that I'm looking for people to write additional chapters! Please comment here or post them as stories in this group. Send them to me directly if they are too explicit or extreme.