Last Weekend And Life

This last weekend our group of 10 couples plus my parents and inlaws got together for a long weekend away.

This was different because it was the first time my inlaws had done CMNF with other people. Also, one couple in our group brought their 17 year old twin girls for their first time. It was great it has been a long time since we have had new people in our group. The twin girls were great. They seemed like they loved it joined in and had a great time.

My inlaws were slow to get into things. My father-in-law did not seem to know were to look. I finally did a spin and ask him if he liked my outfit. He laughed and I told him not to worry about where he looked. For me it was exciting to see his reaction to seeing me nude for the first time.

My mother-in-law went in their room to undress and did not come out for a long time. I and one of the other wives went in to tell her she looked great and not to worry about anything. It seems the only thing she was worried about was being naked in front of her son. We tried to convince her is was okay and she finally came out. She later said it was the next day before she felt comfortable. By Sunday she was really into it and totally at ease.

There is nothing like this lifestyle and a great group of friends.
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5 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I have a feeling that I would be more embarrassed than my mother if she was naked in front of me. Would have been interesting to find out.

Thanks for your response. Your husband is a very lucky fella!

I definitely want to hear more of your experiences. I'm especially interested in how your CMNF experience (and your parents') got started.

OMG that is so hot. I would love to be at a party like that.

How do you plan for this kind of party? Was there a game to get naked or did you just show up and undress?