Embracing Femininity - Chapter 1

The clothed male naked female dynamic has played a central theme in my sexual fantasies since my early teens. Ever since my realization of my femininity and my consciousness of men’s desire for me, in particular their desire to see me naked, the idea of fulfilling that desire has excited me in a way that has sometimes forced me to question my very sanity. Surely the desire to be exposed and vulnerable particularly before members of the opposite sex who in turn revel in your vulnerability and embarrassment goes against the grain of in built human instinct? Yet not only have I fantasized about such CMNF scenario’s but I have often actively sought to place myself in such situations and particularly in recent years have frequently found myself denuded of both my clothes and modesty for a male or predominantly male audience.

From a psychological point of view one of the things I find most intriguing about my embracing the CMNF dynamic is how my views on female nudity and in particular my own nudity have changed so completely since I was a little girl. When I was very young and had no experience men or the concept of femininity I was the ultimate prude and I vividly recall I hated anything that depicted female nudity no matter how subtle. It amuses me when I think back to what a prude I was all those years ago. When I recall that profound sense of outrage I felt when I first saw a naked girl in a Playboy magazine I found whilst snooping through my cousin’s bedroom. I was only young at the time and had not even known that such things existed, which probably added to my disapproval. I remember my confusion and disbelief as I turned each page hoping for both my sake and the models’ that on the next they’d be afforded at least some modesty. Of course they never were and with every turn the models’ svelte bodies were displayed in ever more risqué poses that exposed their more imitate parts in deliciously explicit detail.

At the time I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t accept that any girl would willing allow herself to be so exposed and vulnerable and even after I’d hidden the magazine back where I found it I couldn’t get the thought of those naked girls out of my head. I felt embarrassed for them as they lay there in the magazine still naked and on show and in the end I decided that if they weren’t going to cover themselves I’d do it for them. In my innocence I took the magazine and stuck pieces of paper over the girls’ bodies in what seemed like a perfectly logical way of preserving their dignity. Of course being so young and naïve I hadn’t taken account of the million other copies that were distributed around the world or that my prudishness would be the source of such amusement for my cousin (despite his fury at me defacing his Playboy magazine). My vain attempt to preserve the models modesty obviously alerted him, my mother and my aunt to my snooping and of course my outrage at the existence of girly pictures soon became common knowledge.

My mother who is very liberal minded about the female body, being an ex dancer tried to soothe my outrage; my cousin on the other hand latched onto my sensibilities and it became a weapon whenever he wanted to tease me. I remember he’d come up with malicious stories about girls having to get naked and tell me things like I’d have to shower naked in front of the boys at high school. Just the thought of such things used to make me blush and cry and send me running for the safety of my thick duvet. Little did I realize that a number of years later a girlfriend and I would, whilst on holiday in Europe, actually orchestrate a situation where we’d shower at an outdoor shower completely naked whilst a group of French boys watched.

For most of my early years I remained a steadfast prude and still cringed every time I saw even a hint of a naked girl. However, in my very early teens my attitude started to change, in fact almost overnight and in particular I remember one event that I consider as the turning point in my sexual awakening.

To be continued...

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In the right circles, girly, being labeled a "****" is not a bad thing at all! In the lifestyle, to refer to a woman as a **** or a tease can be the ultimate compliment. (By the way, I'd say you are more of a "tease" than a "****"... **** implies sex with many partners, while tease only implies cause sexual arousal in others, but not actual sex.) Seriously, if you haven't considered going into the lifestyle, you really should! You can live out all SORTS of fantasies, in a relatively safe environment. You ***** for strangers, or friends if you prefer, and as you get to know them better. You can even have sex with your partner while others watch, if that floats your boat! Some think you have to swap partners, but that is not true at all! You only do what YOU want to do! Look into it, it might be just what you need to satisfy your desires!

Thought, I was reading a story written by a middle age man not by a girl.

I don't totally agree, guys often get naked and its all a laugh, when a girl does it people label her a ****. Its really annoys me. <br />
<br />
In relation to guys getting naked. I enjoy seeing a naked guy, I have recently started posing for a friend's art class and when I'm not modelling I love seeing the cute male model in the nude. I don't think he's a pervert. That said I don't really want to see some old guy wandering around naked. Possibly a double standard I know.

Eagerly waiting for more...

It's good to know there are some girls out there who like to show men their bodies. Just do not seem to be any my way!!!! I am the opposite, I like girls to see me naked! any age.