Sexual Tension In A Hot Tub

Back when I was in college, a guy friend of mine moved into a house he rented with a couple of his buddies. The house had a hot tub so, of course, one of the first things they guys did was throw a hot tub party. My friend invited me, but I had to work that night, so I told him I might stop by after work.

I was running late the adfternoon or the party, so as I rushed out of my apartment to get to work on time, I completlty forgot to take my bathing suit. Since my friend's place was closer to my work than my place, it made no sense to go home, so I just figured I'd hang out at the party and not go in the tub.

I arrived at my friend's house, but I was surprised that I didn't see many cars on the street. I walked around to the back fence, as my friend instructed me to do, and I heard a few guys talking about some chick that they wanted to "bone." Classy. I slowly opened the gate and let myself in to the back yard so as not to let them hear me--the looks on their faces when they found out that I had heard everything they were saying would be priceless.

Judging from the amount of trash and empty beer cans strewn about the yard, it looked like it had been a pretty happening party at some point that night. Now, however, it was just the hosts and a couple other guys I didn't know, all of whom were in the hot tub. I walked up to a cooler and found a beer and then went to the tub to say hello.

"Did you bring your suit?" my friend asked. "No," I replied, I left it at home. "Too bad," someone else said, "I guess you'll just have to come in in your underwear."

My entire life I have preferred to be naked, or to wear as little as possible. At this point I had ventured into the world of social nudism, but I had only been naked around other naked people. Nonetheless, I had a fantasy about being the only person naked in a group of clothed people. My fantasy actually involved a group of guys and girls, not necessarily just guys as was the case here, but this looked like my chance to make it come true.

I pretended to ponder the suggestion for a while and then grabbed my sweater, and as I pulled it over my head, announced "OK, but I'm not wearing a bra, so I hope you don't mind looking at my ****." I then started to unzip my pants and announced in an embarrassed tone "oh, I forgot, I'm not wearing any panties either. I hadn't forgotten--at this point I had largely given up wearing bras or panties most of the time, and the pants I was wearing were those stretchy kind that cling to your butt and thighs and open up to a flare at the bottoms. Mine were, perhaps, a bit too small, but I liked the tight feeling and how well they accented my butt--but I hated the panty lines they caused, so I never wore anything under them.

I started to feel an instant rush as soon as I was naked, and I stood there for a moment almost unable to move. Once I got my composure, I looked at my half-finished beer (I can't blame alcohol on the reason for getting naked and I hardly had any in me at this point) and said "well, I'm going to need another one of these soon," and chugged what was left.

I went back to the cooler and, noticing how they guys were checking me out, decided to maximize my time showing off by asking if anyone else needed a beer. I grabbed a bunch and carried them to a table on the side of the hot tub. I placed the beers on the table and handed them out one-by-one so that they guys would have to stand up. A wet bathing suit does very little to cover a hard-on, no matter how loose fitting the suit is when dry, and I was enjoying the embarrassment that I was causing in the guys when they were forced to show their friends that they were arroused. Of course they all were.

When I got into the tub it was funny. The guys moved to make room for me, but they all really kept their distance, like I had a disease or something. The conversation also changed dramatically--the previously macho guys boasting about girls they'd like to **** couldn't seem to cary on a conversation. At one point I decided to put my arms around the two guys on either side of me--my friend and one of his roommates, and pulled them close to me so that their bodies rubbed against my boobs. They started to squirm, so I stood up, turned around, and making sure the others in the hot tub could clearly see the lips of my ***** between my legs, I put my **** in the two guys faces and said "what's the matter, you don't like breasts?" I then slid my hands down both of their chests and over their suits, grabbing hold of their rock hard ***** and announcing "'cause something down here seems to prove that you do!" I wouldn't be surprised if either one of them came when I did that.

At some point not too long after I got there, one of they guys announced that he was feeling tired, and said that he was going to start picking up the yard. The other guys agreed with him and got out of the tub, put on tshirts, and started picking up the trash. I offered to help, but of course I stayed naked. About a half hour later though, I was getting dressed for the drive back to my place.

I had no interest in having sex with any of the guys, and nothing happened that night. That night really taught me about the power I could have over guys, though, and it is an experience I continue to relive when I ********** to this day, even though it has been several years.
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Ha ha, classic! I would like to think that I might have responded differently to those guys but unless you're in the situation, it's hard to know.

naughty girl love it

Ooo... that was quite delicious... I can well imagine you recalling it on a regular basis ;-)

What a great opportunity for you.

Very sexy story, though I understand what the guys must've felt but I don't know what I would've done - especially since this was several years ago

i can imagine how the guys felt having let u go without "doing you"

that's so hot. I like open minded people

great story, but i'm surprised that none of the guys got up and jerked himself off to you...i would have..

You aRe one very confident woman what town are you in

What a great story - i can image how nervous those guys were - realy enjoyed reading this

very sexy story. loved it!

Wow you are a very naughty and daring exhibitionist.<br />
Well done. You must have got soo horny doing this.