Nothing More Beautiful

My wife has lost her top down the waterslide early in our marriage. We had a couple of college boys peep her in our first floor apartment while she was nude. We used to live with her mom and step dad when in college and she'd run around in only her loose night shirt and panties. Her step dad got to see those beautiful 38Cs almost daily down the neckline of that shirt and I never said a thing. I cherished every moment of each time someone else got to appreciate my wife's beauty. Her only real CMNF experience was when friends of ours crashed at our place one New Years and after his wife passed out on the couch, the three of us stayed up, got ripped and played ***** quarters. After she lost her clothes, the game kind of dwindled and the two of us guys ended up spending the rest of the night with my naked wife. It was all very casual and a lot of fun. If I had my way, my wife would stay nude all the time. In my mind, there is nothing more beautiful.
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2011

Have you encouraged her to do more of this? Sounds like she is very comfortable nude, and must have known about her stepdad watching.

That's hot, did she know the college guys were peeping?