Exhibitionist Girlfriend Loved Being Nude In Front Of My Buddies

My GF Slutty Lisa had been a dancer in a ***** club and told me how she loved being up on stage totally naked in front of a bunch of guys.

She explained that being on stage naked gave her a feeling of power and control over the men in the audience and made her really horny. Seeing her naked had the same effect on me.  So I told Lisa she was not allowed to wear any clothes at my house and that meant all the time especially when my male friends were there. Lisa loved the idea! I wish I had some pictures of the look on my buddies faces when they first saw Lisa naked. She was so casual about being naked that you almost forgot it was not normal. 

here are some photos of Slutty Lisa at my house.




I love this photo

buckminster buckminster 61-65, M 4 Responses Mar 12, 2011

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youre a lucky dude ,thanks for sharing her.i dream of having an exhibitionist gf who works naked as waiter, house cleaner, ******** , dancer , or model that loves being naked i can show of to my mates and public at the beach

About Lisa's tan lines,<br />
<br />
Lisa had the most beautiful skin of anyone I've ever seen. She didn't seem to have any pores - smooth as a baby's butt. And thanks to her genetic background, she never had a sunburn. She would be noticeably darker after 20 minutes in the sun. She could create tan lines in just a few minutes. When she did wear a swimsuit it was always had less material than a tissue and about as thin.

Hmmm, you seem to think that the word "****" is a pejorative. Not in my vocabulary it ain't.

I love her thong tan lines. <br />
<br />
So far as I'm concerned any woman who is willing to share her beautiful body on the beach in a thong or at home in the nude, is a "lady," not a ****. More power to you, Lisa! <br />
<br />
As for the "power thing" as a guy who has worn g-strings on the beach many times, I know exactly what she means. It is a huge rush, and it is totally addicting