Why I love CMNF

I have to admit that I had not heard of cmnf before joining this site, but as a female I am intrigued and excited by this dynamic. I totally love the feeling of being naked in front of fully dressed men. To begin exploring this, me and my partner held a little cmnf evening in which we invited another couple we know along with two of our male friends who were just curious. The rules were simply that the women would be naked all evening but any kind of touching would only be allowed with our consent. That was a wonderful experience. It felt so right and surprisingly natural for me and the other woman present to be completely naked with these four clothed men. Naughty, a little bit humiliating, but strangely liberating, empowering and pleasurable also.

After a lovely dinner we simply sat on the couches in the living room and talked, as though this was a completely ordinary gathering of friends. As the evening drew on, one of the single males in the group came up close to me, and, looking me right in the eyes, asked if I would show him my ****. There was once a time not so long ago when this kind of remark would have seen the bloke in question receiving a good slap. Instead, upon feeling a now familiar flood of warmth between my legs at the very suggestion, I submitted and responded by slowly opening my legs, keeping my eyes on his as they dropped down to my crotch. I wanted to relish this man's reaction as my flower unfolded before his eyes. I then allowed this man to gently touch me down there.

By the evening's end, I had experienced the same flush of warmth, intensity and passion twice more as I spread myself for the other two men in the room. I now truly count myself as addicted to cmnf! Personally, I see the cmnf dynamic as a powerful and empowering one. Yes, there is a sense in which I felt totally submissive when I was nude amongst all these fully dressed men, revealing myself at their bidding. But beyond that, this submissiveness was also incredibly and paradoxically liberating. I felt feminine, so much more than I ever had before. And the blatant 'inequality' in all this, the fact that the men get to remain fully clothed all night, whilst I and the other women bare all, just adds to that almost intoxicating feeling.

I have since experienced several more of these evenings and I always enjoy the same overwhelming sensation. I would certainly recommend it to all women.

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well what about CFNF .....

INteresting set of rules, are they still in place at all your gatherings? You know often the consent to touch thing is waived at CMNF parties and getting out of control is expected at some.

If you don't mind, I messaged you another cmnf question...

so good that you find it liberating - I'd like to be liberated for a party of women!

Very interesting

Wow...I didn't know it was known as cmnf...I was doing something similar in the 60's. I enjoyed it too in just the same way...In the end I took it further and was often the only girl nude and would let all watch me perform with one or several of the lads...The down side is that now even after all these years whenever I visit my home town and meet any of those lads they still expect me to perform now as then!

LOL. Just tell them that was then, this is now.

I do but it’s the embarrassment.
Whenever we visit my home town, which for obvious reasons isn’t very often, my old playmates often come up and talk when I am with my husband…they seem to think that nothing has changed and that I am still available.
That some of them, even after 40 odd years, still remember and still try their luck by asking me to join them.
( I foolishly did once and immediately they expected me to perform for them as I did then.)

Then, having made themselves known, they re-join whatever company they are in and proceed to tell them about me. I can tell that is happening as they will look and try to catch my eye with a knowing expression.

They seem to not have matured over 40 years. We are not the same person that we were at 20, even if we still enjoy the memories of what we did back then.

Does your husband know about your youthful indiscretions?

I told him about some of my previous boyfriends and when I first took him to meet my parents that when I was 14 I had been ****** by four lads at a party; just in case someone said something…He took it quite well…But I knew from his reaction that I daren’t tell him about the rest of my activities.

Too bad. I get a vicarious thrill from hearing about my wife's wild exploits. We have been at social events with several men who had ****** her. I loved to visualize what they would have looked naked together, and to imagine what she looked like getting ****** by them.

I can understand where he is coming from because I am so inordinately jealous of his past girl friends...Odd eh?

Not really. I've been in relationships where the woman couldn't stand the thought of me with another woman, but who wanted to experience other men. That was fine with me, because I found it exciting to be faithful to her while she would get ****** by other men. That's kind of a variation on CMNF/NMCF - faithful male/hot wife.

Being naked at a party you host, simply because you want to be, is one thing. Doing things with men you barely know, is something else entirely. Tallulah Bankhead did the former several times a year in the 1940s and 50s, but to my knowledge, never did the latter.

Yep. I agree with you.

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What does 'cmnf' stand for/mean???

Clothed male/naked female. Many people find it exciting, either as a couple alone, or to show the female (wife or girlfriend) to other men. The reverse is NMCF.

Thank you...what an exciting prospect. Must see if I can get involved in this sort of action...any suggestions?

Start with one woman. Many women like to play this game. They get a sense of power from having a man naked and vulnerable. Then see if she has any friends. (Some women are exhibitionists, and enjoy being nude in front of men.)

s finding them thats the problem

I was in a relationship before the idea of NMCF came up. As a matter of fact, she was the one who proposed it. If you are in a relationship try introducing the idea to her. I bet she will be receptive to it.

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This is incredibly sexy!! --DW

the story is fantastic and you told it well. I only wish I could have been one of the "Blokes" to have been there..

I've found that being the nude person in a clothed group really gives you the power. I think that most of the clothed really envy us when we are nude before them.

Ummmmmm, would you participate in CFNM as well?? :-)

I really want to try something like this and agree with you totally about it feeling submissive but also empowering. I just lack confidence in initiating a party.

I wish I could get invited to an evening like that.

mmmmm, yes pleasant to know you control men so much, very pleasant.......

5 stars for the story on the Michelin story guide. the only sad part is when I see the word bloke I know our paths will never cross at such a party. Sadly I never hear the term used in the US.

but you may find someone who thinks the same things!

You are a wonderful lady!

Loved this story. Will have to suggest it to the girlfriend.

Wow how very hot...

Disclosure: I have never been in your situation, and doubt I ever will be. Moreover, in my book, if both sexes are present, everybody is naked, or nobody is.

Fact: the American actress Talullah Bankhead used to gradually take off her clothes as her soirees progressed. She was generally naked by 10PM.

Some women enjoy working as strippers; now you know how and why.

It is very well known that young men like to tempt fate and get away with it. But I doubt that women are fundamentally different in this regard. By hosting this evening, you too tempted fate and fully got away with it.

Much of what you say about yourself is familiar to me from the writings of sex positive feminists.

The reason why adult women are modest is because they fear male violence, especially rape. Most women do not believe that they were strong enough, and respected enough, to counter the violence of horny men. In this regard, when you got away with tempting fate, you discovered that you are strong and protected by morals. You have chosen your male friends well.

Formal wear for women bares the arms and shoulders. Many women under 25 years of age now wear the shortest possible shorts and skirts in warm weather. Bikinis, legal at every beach and pool, have never been smaller. By doing as you did, you differed from these women only in degree, and not in kind. Over the course of this new century, the number of women sharing your experience is set to rise.

I don't like the thought of men getting to examine a woman's privates without revealing their own privates. Putting that aside, you have discovered that many men's reactions to the Vertical Smile is not drooling lechery or the cheap smirk or the adolescent lewd quip, but a form of worship. Because, dear, ***** is Powerful, a fact writ large all over Tumblr.

I wholeheartedly endorse all of what you say - and yes, I am a guy - however, there is just one point where I would have to disagree; the difference between a bikini, or short shorts, or a mini skirt, and complete nudity does not \'differ only in degree\', it\'s far more profound than that, especially in a cmnf situation - you should try it...

i enjoy "full nudity" so much, that for years I've been completely shaved.....

as nature intended! ;)

Can't try it, because I am a married man. The most my better half would agree to would be a party with couples of our generation (aging baby boomers we!) having the option of being naked in a hot tub or pool. She would make me take my glasses off while I was around naked women, and would not like it at all if I worshiped another woman's *****.

you might be surprised.... almost every woman, married or not, we've invited has LOVED it, along with her partner..... If you never try, you wont know.

Nudity in a group context is very safe... I do it all the time, and I never worry about being physically assaulted at all. What you do worry about is people of a different mind, who are voyeurs of the nudist lifestyle.... They can pose problems if they know where you work, or what you do. In a club to disclose someone as a member without their permission would get them terminated. The US is sadly a puritanical country, not a whole lot different from the ones in the middle east. That's the greatest danger I feel, being socially outed.

What you write here would be, for me and my wife, an excellent reason not to engage in the conduct that is the topic of this thread.

the biggest fear IMO is peer pressure and what people will think. Once over that, you don't care.

I do not care what people think, and I am old enough not to be seen as a dangerous pervert. I could get away with nude social life with women past their 50th birthdays. The problem is poisonous gossip in the country village writ large that is the provincial city I live in. BTW, I have seen a flyer on a bulletin board, claiming to have been written by a woman, calling on interested people to swim nude on a well known local beach. I could not touch this with a barge pole, because the invitation was aimed at undergraduates.

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Sounds like a nice party. Would enjoy going there yo see you. Please add me as a friend.

that's exciting wish I had friends who would invite me to something like that

Great story and agree about cmnf

I feel the same way about CMNF and CNMF! Either opportunity can be exciting and pleasurable.

Wow! Great story. Would love to find some friends like this. Love your sexy pics and mind! Think you could move to my neighbourhood? Dx

Wow, what a hot story.

That's a great, very erotic story! More incredible when one realizes the transition you've made. Please continue to write and share your experiences! And, please add me as your friend!

that was so beautiful and so sexy - thank u - please add me

I love it the other way around - CFNM - so I can understand what you're saying - thank you

Love it!

great story, turned me on sooo much, add me please