Pool Rule

My friend Chad has one of the best pools in the whole of Miami. It is absolutely massive, with its own Jacuzzi, a small waterfall and even its own island bar. To top it off the surrounding patio with its own luxurious cabana is a great place to get a tan. With such a awesome pool area it’s no wonder everyone always wants to party at his place. However, Chad is also a massive pervert and a total misogynist pig, which he quite happily admits. In fact if anything he wears it as a badge of honour.
As a result some of the more feminist girls I know absolutely hate him. However, although I think he sometimes over plays it, I rather enjoy his chauvinist behaviour, not least because I know him pretty damn well and I know he’s actually a really great guy who would do anything for anyone. But I also enjoy it because his sexist approach has led to some of the most erotic experiences of my life.
Take for example what he calls the “Pool Rule”. As I said everyone wants to party by his pool, but it’s not just because it’s an awesome pool. He also maintains a strict rule in the pool area, which is fitting to his misogynist approach. The Pool Rule is that girls can use his pool whenever they want, but on the proviso that they must go au natural! As I said he’s a massive pervert. There is even a large, Perspex sculpture by the doors leading to the pool, which everyone calls the “Fish Bowl” where girls have to deposit their bikinis before sashaying on out to the patio. And I can testify it always has a plethora of bikinis piled up in it, to my shame a couple of them are mine.
Now of course the Pool Rule is not adhered to religiously and some girls just go topless or even keep their bikinis on altogether. However, more often than not most girls do abide by the Pool Rule, sometimes quite enthusiastically. I remember the first time I went to Chad’s place. I was with a group of girlfriends and although we playfully ribbed Chad and the other boys for being total pervs we all ******** off. Since then I’ve been to loads of pool parties where the overwhelming majority of the girls have been in their birthday suits, with only a couple of prudes covering up. I actually think a lot of guys are surprised at how eagerly us girls tend to obey the Pool Rule.
That said it is much easier to play along when you’re with a group of girlfriends, but I frequently use Chad’s pool to sun bathe in the altogether and I have on occasion found myself being the solitary naked girl. Which is certainly a lot more intense.
One recent Pool Rule experience I had was back in September. My boyfriend, Chad and four other guys had gone to play golf and I’d taken the opportunity to top up my tan and look after Chad’s dogs whilst he was out. Naturally I strictly observed the Pool Rule, on the pretence that I didn’t want to lose my free pass to the best pool in town. Although the truth was I just enjoy strutting about naked, especially in front of a couple of fully clothed men.
So before Chad and my boyfriend left to play golf I obediently dropped by already skimpy bikini into the Fish Bowl and set about tanned sans clothing. Chad has seen me naked countless times so stripping off for him and my boyfriend was pretty much second nature. When they returned from their morning on the course that was a slightly different story.
I was still lying out naked as the day I was born with only my shades and a liberal coat of Hawaiian Tropics tanning oil on, when all six of them retuned. I had my Ipod on when they got back so I didn’t even hear them come in and the first time I noticed they were back there were six guys standing in front of me enjoying the view.
Given that they had seen me naked and I know my boyfriend has absolutely no problems with showing me off, when they set up lunch on the patio I just slipped on my Victoria Secret glitter wedges and joined them au naturel. In fact I remained naked for the rest of the afternoon occasionally waiting on them in return for massages from my boyfriend whilst they watched a ball game on the massive TV in the cabana.
I actually only got dressed the next morning after the excitement of parading all afternoon got me too hot and Chad let my boyfriend and I use one of the many bedrooms.
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i luv guyz like Chad lol

Wish I was that bold, or had girlfriends that were, and could goad me on!

ohh...u wud hv even gone 2 his home au natural, on the pretext of any rule.. hehe..n i guess, a hot lady like u shud show off ur body n tease n entice men...oh...hw lucky ur bf is ..

Very erotic

Lucky Chad!

Great story, the kind of girl any man would be proud of.

You must have an amazing body to be that comfortable! Love an add please

Wow, that's hot as hell! I love how comfortable you are with your body!

I want u to see me naked I just might Jack off for u

If the pool is so popular, I need to find it on google maps. Maybe I'll see you there.

Hi Girlyflirt,
The "pool rule" would be a good excuse for me to enjoy the day in the nude lifestyle I prefer! I really enjoyed this story and will look for more from you! Thanks for sharing.


Awesome story, Rules are rules and i am glad to see you are a great sport....

You are the perfect GF. Wish I could see you in all your glory.

I want to go to Miami!

Being naked in a pool actually feels very natural to me. And while I do enjoy seeing women naked ... and men as well... I really don't feel like a "pervert" when skinny-dipping. It's just a natural thing, and feels very free! Now SEX in the pool... that may be a bit perverted... but fun! ;-)

Treat story, and well told. You almost made me feel like one of the girls...

Treat story, and well told. You almost made me feel like one of the girls...

I think that you had the better part of the bargain.

Do any of the guys go naked if they want to?

That sounds so hot.

Great story. Thanks for sharing it. I've found a naked lady always livens up a party!