Nude Punishment For My Sisters


My father never punished us neither me nor my sisters he always tried to avoid it, as  for the most of time he was out of station because of job reason, on the other hand mother has punisher us, in fact several times. Mother believes that hitting a kid make  kid used of it and once kid become used to beatings it ultimately turns a kid into a neglected type of kid, that’s why she mostly  punished us with punishments other than beatings. She did hit us sometimes anyway 
Inspite of being a boy I always escaped most of the punishments when in my childhood, as I always used to play “the youngest” card while despite of being girls, both my sisters got frequently punished Including an embarrassing and humiliating nude punishment for several things as they were older than me so they were supposed and oath to be more responsible than me, according to mother. Most of the time my mother punished me by making me stand by bending my knees,  sitting as I was sitting on chair but without a chair, due to some reason this punishment is not meant for girls so both my sisters had to stand on table with their hands up or sometimes by holding their ears and sometimes they had do it with all their clothes off in complete nude although nude punishments were rare but still both my sisters had received it several times. There are somespectacular nude punishment that is suffered by both of my sisters this was one of it. Actually my cousins came to visit us, two of them were mine age and one was of my sisters. Their parents and my father were out of station so we kids were left in the responsibility of my mother. Those days a very popular festival was on celebration although the festival is also famous for kidnapping and chaos over run and too expensiveness. My mother told us that we’ll go in festival when my father return but my sisters had made their own plan with some of their classmates and didn’t told the mother about it. 
Our neighbor had seen them in the festival and complaint it to my mother, my mother got really angry and worried as my sisters were so late in getting back and as they returned my mother started yelling on them plus she also slapped their faces twice or thrice. Mother wanted them to admit their mistake but my sisters kept on arguing which made my so pissed off that she didn’t think of anything and started stripping both of my sisters clothes by force right infront of us all even she didn’t care about the other boys present in the room, first top followed by jeans and then vest actually it was a female vest but not bra as my sisters had started growing their breast, which was then exhibiting to us specially the nipples, and at last the panties, exposing the pubic hairs and little grown pee pinkies, leaving both my sisters in huge embarrassed and humiliated state. Although after removing their panties, mother realizes that she was not doing the right thing to the girls by stripping them completely nude infront of the boys but the thought was over run by the rage. She made them stand on the table in complete nude holding their ears nearly for the two and half hours, she didn’t even asked us to leave the room, that’s why we all had the full opportunity to enjoy the naked shame of both my sisters, infact our eldest cousin was enjoying it the most as he was starring each and every part on the naked bodied of my sisters, while my sisters were so afraid and were feeling so humiliated that were standing still with their hand holding their ears, their face was red with embarrassment that they were feeling and their eyes looking down with shame, mostly because of have been made standing completely nude leaving their whole nude body on display infront of the eldest cousin  who was of same age.
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Wow, How did your sister turn out? do they have children of their own? Do they use nudity as a punishment?

Thanks! for the comment , Sir Iowaborn76, "Both my sisters are 30+ beautiful educated women and married. They both got 2 girls and 2 boys and if I am correct all the girls are older than boys. Both my sister lives in other state and only came to visit us sometimes, mostly during vacations so that all the children can mix up with the family and grandparents. It is generally a short period of time so my mother does’nt let my sisters to punish their kids although my mother always keep on pulling my sisters leg by saying that if they try to give hard times to her grand children then she will punish my sisters by stripping them complete nude and making them stand on the chair holding their ears all in front of their kids or even if they came late home and my sisters always blush with it, knowing that it is not gona happen any more. I am not sure about nude punishment as we all are always very busy spending time with kids, playing and enjoying family reunion time, but this time I’ll try to ask them about it."