It was a time of passion. Warm summers, lust, heat.
Alison was not ashamed of her body. She would often want me to chat with her while she was in the bath and loved to show her naked body when ever opportunities arose.
On a few occasions, when we were relaxing, I asked to take her clothing off. Often she would and we would relax with her naked and me clothed. I loved the sensation, although at the time I did not exploit it as much as I think she wanted me to. On reflection I think she was quite submissive and enjoyed the power shift when she was naked and I was clothed.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

Sometimes not exploiting it can be far more powerful than exploiting it. Specially if they naked girl is submissive, they don't want to take control so they let it be and it builds and builds inside them wanting to come out. More enjoyment for all involved!