Domestic Rules!

It came as quite shock to me last week, I must admit.
My boyfriend who I have been living with for six months told me that I would not be allowed to wear clothes around house anymore.
He was very masterful and also very matter of fact.
He just told me when I returned home from work on Wednesday, that I would not be allowed clothing at home and I was to undress immediately.
I obeyed him and removed everything in front of him. He then told me go upstairs and put my clothes away.
When I retured back down stairs he sat me at the kitchen table and explained the new house rules.
I was to undress and remain naked immediately upon arriving home from work. I was never to wear anything around the house and was to be completely naked at all time (including bare feet)
If we had guests then I would wear what my boyfriend decided I should wear.
I was to keep a gown ready if we had callers at the door. It is a thin short silk gown and just about covers me.!
He told me that the rules may change in time.
I have just spent my first naked weekend with my boyfriend.
At first I felt funny about being naked and he clothed. He just acted normally and we had a typical weekend. It was funny how exposed and aroused I felt being like this! I love my new rules.
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5 Responses Jan 21, 2013

very sexy baby!

Enjoy yourself.

I love your new rules, and I would be disapointed if you brake the rules!!!

Great start, hope you continue to enjoy it, there is nothing more relaxing the the old natural feeling

I love this story. Keep us posted on how things develop!