I came home early from work because of the snow. As soon as I got in I removed all my clothing, placed my shoes in the shoe rack and took the rest of my clothes upstairs and either put them in the washing basket or hung them up.
I was alone in the house and the heating was off so it was bloody cold! I was all goose bumps and nipples.
I went back downstairs and started to prepare dinner; spaghetti bolognese. It was strange cooking naked although the heat from the cooker was welcome. My poor bare feet were freezing on the kitchen floor, making me feel really strange and extra naked! When the dinner was on I went into the living room and tidied up a little and put the telly on.
My boyfriend texted me to let me know he was on the way home so I put the heating on and started to cook the spaghetti.
Soon I heard the key in the door and my boyfriend was home. He was pleased to see that I had remembered to be naked and sat me on the kitchen table. He held one of my feet, (my feet are small and his hands are big). He said they were freezing and was pleased that I had obviously been naked all the time. He pulled my hard nipples and siad it was nice to come home to on a cold day. He went to the living room and I got him a glass of wine and started to dish up the food.
We sat at the kitchen table. It was strange, my boyfriend fully clothed and me totally naked. We ate dinner and I placed my bare foot on leg to warm it up a little.
We cleared up after dinner and went to the living room. It was lovely to curl up and place my head in lap for a cuddle knowing I was all naked and he was clothed.
It was a lovely evening.
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Jan 22, 2013