A Chance Experience

 While on a vacation in the far north east part of India, On the day before I was due to leave the resort I was staying in, I had this singular experience, which I am about to relate.

 The place I was staying in was in the forrests, by a lonely road, with plenty of vegetation. The cottage like living quarters were far apart, with a big garden with walkways and lawns separating them. I was enjoying the quietness of the place. For most of my vacation I was the lone guest, until a group of three very young college students arrived. Well, the people of the north-east are more chinese-looking than Indian, and they always look younger than their actual age.

 For the most of the day, they didn't bother me, nor did I bother them, but at night, at the dining hall we were together on the same table. Pleasantries were exchanged, and they asked me to join them in the night while they arrange a bonfire in the garden, and have a couple of drinks with them. I gladly accepted.

 The bonfire was not a great site, but the guys had some dark rotgut rum from their locality, one of them was playing a guitar, and all of them were very nice, almost flirting with me. I am 35, and divorced for quite some time, and was enjoying this masculine attention, and the rum, watered down was tolerable, so I ended up staying up for a lot more time than I intended to, and it suddenly started raining. When it rains in the hills, it just pours, and we ran to the nearest shelter possible, a thatched structure without walls but with benches and a makeshift table, most likely a sight-seeing point of a sort, besides the lonely road. By the time we reached there, we were completely drenched, and the bonfire was extinguished, and it was very dark inside.

 Someone struck a match, and we found a candle on the table, which was promptly lit, in that light we could see that the guy with the guitar removed his shirt and was trying to wipe the precious woodwork of his guitar clean of the water. Everybody was soaking wet, and they removed their shirts, tee shirts and looked apolgeticaly at me. I was more drenched than anybody else, being the last one to get in, and moreover my white shirt was clinging to my body, and as I was initially prepared to spend some time with them, and hit bed straightaway, I was not wearing anything underneath the shirt. Embarrassed as I was, I tried not to make much of it, and took the bottle offered to me as a protection against cold.

 The wind had a biting chill, and my wet clothes did not make matters better. Even after a few swigs of the rotgut rum ( we left the water back at the site, so we had to gulp it neat ) I was shivering a bit. I tried to wrench as much water out of the shirt as I could, but it was not posible to wring it while wearing. Somebody sugested that they extinguish the candle, while I remove the shirt, wrung water out of it, and wore it again. After a few rounds of protest, I agreed to it.

 Under the cover of darkness, I hesitantly removed my shirt, and wrung it, then suddenly the sexy-ness of the situation struck me! Here I was standing half naked with a bunch of guys at least ten years younger to me! I was ashamed, but a bit exceited as well.

 As I was trying to figure out the configuration of the shirt in the dark to were it back, a strong gush blew it out of my hands! I tried to grope for it, but it was nowhere to be found. I forgot my momentary exceitement, and became mortified!! I was thinking of moving out of in the rain, and quietly going back to my room, when someone enquired if I was done, and if the candle could be lit. After a prolonged dilemma, I had to explain my situaion!

 The guys were helpful, they did their best to grope for it in the darkness, in that small place, they frequently brushed my sides, and my bare back. I was also groping for it frantically, and in the process topled a glass, almost breaking it, and then I decided to give up, and asked them to light a match while I try to find the shirt.

 I folded my arms across my breasts, and the candle was lit, and to my shame I discovered that I was standing on the shirt, which was beyond wearing, with mud all over, it looked more like a piece of rag! Since I possibly could not keep my arms covering my breasts and pick up the shirt at the same time, I pointed it out to the nearest guy, who picked it up and laid it on the table.

 I tried to smile casually, and remarked that the shirt could not be worn before a proper wash. They tried to console me, but I could feel the tension in the air - their gazes never left me for a second. It was as if they were hypnotized to the sight!

Wanting to make light of the matter, I jokingly remarked something like "What! haven't you ever seen a woman's bresats before ?" - I thought this would release the tension, but one of them remarked in the negative, and kind of requsted me if I would remove my arms!

- "Guys! guys, take it easy! Pass me the bottle" said I, deciding that I could definitely not stand there with my arms folded throughout the night, and I thought once the first excitement was over, the atmosphere will return to normal. When someone ofered the bottle of rum to me, I reached for it with one hand, while dropping the other to the table.

 I was met with typical shameless admiration for the female body in their eyes, my exposed nipples hardened, and my shame was overcome with pride and excitement. I took a great swig from the bottle and passed it on! I made no further effort to keep my breasts away from their gazes, even asked them if they liked it. Slowly, the conversation started, and the sudden surge of awkwardness was gone. I was getting more and more comfortable of my naked breasts, even my nipples, which otherwise have a will of their own, slowly lost their hardness.

 The rain continued, and we sat there, drinking and talking, but the conversation took a turn towards sexuality. This was unavoidable. The average Indian youth do not get a chance to talk with a topless female, and I never displayed my breasts to a company before! The alcohol kept flowing, and swirled around my senses, and the inevitable wetness kept moistening my panties as the thought of getting rid of my jeans also played in my mind.

 As expected, very soon the request came to drop the jeans as well!

 I could not decide! The alcohol blunted my sense of shame, but the die hard inhibitions of generations stood in the way! A part of me was overwhelmed by the masculine attention that I lacked for so long - the bare chested oriental guys were looking irresistible - but then again a part of me was ashamed to do what my ancestors never thought of! In the end I ended up buying some time saying that I will think about it once we are through with the last bottle.

 They kept praising my breasts, and the curve of my sides, and the last bottle was going down with a steady pace. The candle was getting shorter. I was not drinking my share that fast, trying to keep the bottle occupied for as long as I could, but the guys were going at great speed, and at last the time was up.

 I stood up, blushing all around, ashamed of the nakedness to come. Turned away, slowly I undid the button, the zipper, and careful not to dislodge my panties, pulled the jeans down, shaking my bottom as I did it to give the panties the maximum stability. The cheer came from behind me and I struggled to turn back! I was standing in only my red and black panties before the ecstatic eyes of the three drunken youth who were feasting their eyes on my nakedness!! The soft candlelight flickered - and the curves of my body created light and shades on me.

 Suddenly the candle gave a final flicker and was extinguished. Someone requested me not to put the jeans on and i heard them getting up from their seats, trying to come near. The guys had a lot more to drink than me, so they were more unsure of their steps. I asked the darkness if they had more drink in their dorm, and a chorus replied to the affirmative. I ran out - into the still pouring rain. A chance car ran through the road beside, and in the process its headlights bathed me in hard light - dazzling me for a second. For a moment, I was denuded of the darkness that was covering me.

 I walked through the rain towards their dorm - with the guys following me with unsure steps.

 Once I reached the shade before the dormitory I patiently waited until one of the guys produced the key. I took it from him, and opened the door and stepped in. As I stood in undecided, someone found the light switch.

 It felt different in the bright artificial light, to stand almost naked. The candlelight in the winds at least left something to imagination, but here I was out there for their hungry lustful eyes! The boys entered the room, and came close to me, wanting to touch - grope - to get a feel of the woman body that they missed and wanted since growing up - but I was in charge - I stopped them, pushed them to the edges of the beds - asked them to prepare more drinks, and reminded them that the time to touch has not yet come - I was still not as nude as I could be.

 I was not ashamed of my nakedness anymore, I was wild with excitement. The bright electric light didn't expose my privates only, I could see the stiffness that their pants were trying to keep in check! Naked among those people, the thought of being violated never entered my mind, I too wanted the ultimate release, only not so fast.

 More drinks were served. The guys declared that the first one to finish the drink gets to take the last piece of garment from me! I didn't protest, I was astonished by my shamelessness, offering my nudity as a prize for the winner! anyway, the drinks were drowned in a flash, and the winner was decided. He knelt down before me, grabbed, and snatched the last piece of clothing from my willing body. I playfully thrust my crotch on his face, and freed myself.

 The guys came upon me, the glasses were forgotten, I was groped from all around, they were al over me, they turned me around, pressed my breasts, pulled at my nipples and grabbed my arse. It was all going too fast for me. I broke free, and picked up my unfinished glass. As I took a big gulp, they decided to have another round of drink to auction the rights to my genital.

 I was sipping my drink, trying to guess what sort of assault were to come to my privates. trying to think of something to delay the coitus and enjoy the foreplay more. Only this time the competition didn't go as planned.

 One guy took all the contents of the glass at one go, but could not keep it, he rushed to the toilet to become sick. And another guy followed him. The poor souls have been drinking steadily for quite some time, and it was beginning to show!! The third guy was having some trouble to finish his share, and was not keen on it. He laid himself back to his bed. I went to check his state, and he tried to raise an unsteady hand to my breasts, but passed out.

 I went to check the other two guys, and they came out smelling of vomit, one after the anoher. One guy laid down on a bed full of luggage and stuff, while the other stumbled, and would have fallen unless I was around to grab him. In short, suddenly the countless drinks were having its effects. Left high, and dry, I tried to tend to them as best as I could, and soon all of them semed to be peacefully asleep.

 Unable to resist my state, I *********** right there, once each on each bed, beside each one. I reached  a screaming ****** after another, and lay exhausted for some time.

I checked their mobile phones for any pictures of mine they might have taken and deleted them. Afterwards I closed the door behind me and walked out of the dorm.

 The rain slowed down to a steady drizzle, and the faint sunlight was breaking through. The ground was wet under the feet, and visibility had improved quite a lot. Without regard to the feeling of any possible early riser, I walked stark naked towards the first refuge of the night, picked up my wet clothes, and deciding against wearing them, walked naked to the cottage allocated to me.

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very hot story

Sounds like a good night

"I was groped from all around, they were al over me, they turned me around, pressed my breasts, pulled at my nipples and grabbed my arse."
I know it was 2 fast 4u but that line realy gets me goin! if it was me lying down wif each drunk guy id of been fanticizing they were awake n taking turns wif me lol.
were u glad 4 how it turned out...or dissapointed?

u r so hot... n those r lucky guys..! :) lovely lady all naked n enjoying the spirit of shame and nakedness.! :)

That was one of the most erotic stories that I have read. Very stimulating.

sexiest story in ep . thank u nisha .

Bet those guys thought they had been dreaming when they woke especially if all pics been deleted.

why don't you write one which is a fantasy of what you think would be the perfect cmnf experience? this story is so good, i imagine you could make up a great one.

Splendid writing! hats pants. all of to you. a standing ovation!!!

Awesome story sweety, you defenately made their night, would have loved to seen it, your gorgeous

Nice :)...I'd love an add.

Wonderful story. You are a very good writer. I liked how you set up the scenario and built up the sexual tension until the story (and you) climaxed. I needed to jerk off after reading as it gave me a raging hard on. Have you written anything else ?

Hands down the best story I've read on Exp Project. Very well written, very sexy and fun!

Amazing story

THAT is quite a story!

Fantastic story and very well written. was gripping. wow!

Wonderfully erotic story. I really enjoyed the suspense and now, i'm hard of course. Thank you for the buzz

wow your my kind of woman

A wonderful experience - dear

Quietly erotic. Question, was it the booz that gave you courage, or did you secretly want to do this?

This would make a great Indian movie...in a generaion or two. Good luck. You are brave woman.

the detailing, the story line, the characterization, the atmosphere...et all.super stuff..<br />
you do a wonderful job writing ..I can only imagine how u are in REal life too...my gut says..u must be really awesome...<br />
someone with some much to think & write about..must be really awesome....i want to believe that...<br />
<br />
Super Again.<br />
tight hugs...

Excellent story, very erotic, well writen.... Made me want to be there in your place.

really beautiful story

Ineresting experience, thanks for sharing!

You are the best kind of beautiful. Kind, open, sexual, and real... ;)

Interesting and daring , you got lucky not to get raped. Where in India was it ?

I have seen the statues of Indian godesses. You remind me of them. And to read your stories..... Hmmmmm. Nice to know you exist.

Thanks for sharing good read

Thanks for sharing good read

Thank you! wonderful story and adventure!

wonderful post.. but,, alas.. what a disappointment to someone seeking physical contact.. a true bummer

What a wonderful story, so erotic. I'll be needing a cigarette now, could you be so kind as to give me a light from that candle!

Really good story,

thats nice..

excellent story Nisha ...........

Nice story.

Nisha I read this story .But I can't believe. Because I live Sri lanka near India.

Wonderfully written and very erotic story,I almost felt i was there and will have very sweet dreams tonight xx

nicely written.... felt really hot.... good work

that was so hot nishasen. What you described is something I would love to experience too. Wow

so erotic and tastful... <br />
<br />
full of details about sensations and feelings... love it

wow another great story

Very sexy!

Great story, very well written.

My gooness.. wow great

Gr8 story, will u add me.

Got really excited reading this - wish I were there!

This the single sexiest story I have read on EP. I have posted a story on the topic as well, check: EP LinkMy tension rose while reading the story to the point I experience real frustration that the climax never came. How real, though, and hardly just a fantasy. Judging by the profile pic, you are gorgeous. It must have been a total blast for those kids to see such a sassy lady get naked for them. That reminds me of some childhood and early manhood experiences I made... I must share them in a story.

What a fantastic story. Thank you. I am off to India but will drink less!<br />

Wow, this is quite some story. Did this really happen?

Really well told, and a great story!<br />
<br />
We need to hear more of your adventures, with or without CMVF.

It is indeed a delightful story. Actually I liked the last bit, the throwing up part. A nice dénouement.

Great story. I love the CMNF fantasy. http://cmnf-videos.com is a real good website for this sort of stuff.

That is a great story!

As someone who modeled nude for an art class on occasions, even I am amazed at how you maintained your cool throughout your situation.

Wow, that story was amazing, as are you, chere<br />

Great story. Very well written and great details.

Loved your story ... and how you controled the situation. Too bad one of the boys wasn't smart enought to not get sopping drunk. He would have had a glorious experience with you .... and you with him!

Hi, I am new here and while I like my CMNF to be even softer non sexual really I still like your story !

I am so hard now might have to **********

Fatafati !! Tomar jabab nei Guru . Jamiye diyechho.Eto sundar lekha eto erotic abar eto graphic detail .Sotyi ghotona hole i eto neat lekha hoy na.Tomar talent achhe.Love n Hugs

grrrrrrr, why doesnt anything like this happen around me!? sob! booohooooooo :((<br />
Nisha, I luuuuuved your story! That's it, I'm giving up drinking completely...not a single drop...who knows next time if I'm lucky and bump into you!? :P

nice story

wow, very erotic, love how you finished your night of inhibition, ************ beside each of theml...xXx<br />
I bet they all wished you would have touched them too...wink

very nice story, it got me a little hot

Nisha, this is such an erotic story. I came back again today to read it over.

This is one the best stories belonging to the CMNF (Clothed Male Naked Female) genre. I can't believe that something of this kind actually happened in India. You are a very bold woman indeed. And its great to see that you are enjoying life to its fullest. Unlike most women in India who are shy and suppress their sexual desires, you are very open about fulfulling them. And thats what makes you different. God Bless You !!!

wonderful tale.<br />
<br />
thanks for sharing

Holy smokes! What an erotic story! The kind of place I wish I could find myself on occasion...but that never happens to me. What lucky guys they were!


Great story! Ashame they didn't get to enjoy all the foreplay building in you!

And tremendously erotic. Do you have more stories to share?


Fantastic story. Very well written.