A Simple Story Of Sharing My New Friend With Others.

This is an event where my new girlfriend was viewed by strangers for the first time.  What you are reading is an email she sent to a girlfriend of hers afterwards, and copied to me..



Dear Carol.

My true friend.  Here is what happened with Jake yesterday.

Like any other, I began the day with a shower, and the morning
routine of feeding my family, and seeing them off for the day.  I
had taken the day off from work, but by all appearances was
preparing to leave for work myself.  The truth being, I was about
to submerse myself into a world of submission, of total trust, for
the first time in my life. I was so nervous as I drove to Raleigh. 
I knew that what I was about to do, what I was about to experience
could have consequences.  The consequences that I hoped for were
positive in a way, but oh so private.  I needed to achieve a
certain sense of passion that I didn't have with my husband. If I
could achieve that with someone else, would that make my marriage
worse, or would it make it better?  I still don't know, but I will
find out in the next few weeks.

I arrived at the meeting place, and found Jake waiting.  I got into
his van.  We were early, so we got into the back and chatted about
the up coming event he had planned for me.  We were on a bed that
was built in the entire back of the van.  We were sitting up,
crossed legged.  He took his hand to my chin, and directed me
toward him for a kiss.  As we kissed, his hand dropped to my
breast.  I don't remember how long we kissed, or even the kiss
itself.  I remember being drawn in by the touch of his hand, gently
caressing my nipple.

He stopped, as the moment was just a teaser.  We talked about the
event.  He was making sure that I was ready, and would obey when
the time came.  It was so hard for me to agree before hand, but I
had learned to trust that my safety would not be questioned.

Shortly, we arrived at the house about 9:45.  Mark was the owner
and the host for the viewing. He was an older man, well older than
I, but younger than Jake.  I have a liking for older mature men,
and felt better.  The house was magnificent, an executive mansion.
We went into the kitchen where I was offered a small glass of white
wine.  I don't usually drink wine in the morning, but given what
was happening, it was a welcome diversion. Jake stood beside me and
lifted my sweater, exposing a breast to Mark, offering it to him. 
I was embarrassed for sure, but the excitement overcame that
emotion as Mark held it, and then licked and bit on my nipple.
Jaked raised my sweater further, exposing my other breast, to which
Mark gave equal time.

We went into the living room, which had a vaulted ceiling 2 stories
high. We chatted briefly.  At 10:00 sharp, the doorbell rang.  Mark
went to answer.  I could hear voices, 2 maybe 3 men had arrived. 
Marked directed them upstairs to the "game room" which I had not
yet seen. Again the door bell, and another had arrived.  Within
minutes, a total of 6 invited guests were here, upstairs in the
game room.  Mark came down and said that everybody was here.

We went upstairs, me, then Jake, followed by Mark. The game room
was a place to play. There was a large wall mounted TV, a pool
table, couch, large stuffed chair, and a few other comfortable
chairs, enough to accommodate everyone.  It was a large room, 800
sq ft I was told.  On one wall was a large private bathroom, and
next to that was an open bar.  All of the 6 gentlemen were older,
perhaps late 40's, early 50's, and one gentleman who was 68.  They
all had various kinds of drinks from the bar, and were very polite
as Jake was introduced, who in turn introduced me.

A name was drawn out of a hat.  Jake said that he was to assist me
in disrobing.  I wanted to leave, but I wanted to stay.  My
emotions were swirling within my mind.  But without hesitation, I
raised my arms as the "winner" grabbed my sweater at the waist, and
started to pull it up.  I don't remember exactly but thought of
nothing but my breasts being exposed totally as it came up over my
head.  As my arms were freed, I instinctively put a hand over each
breast with my arms crossed underneath them.

Jake smiled, but allowed me to stay covered.  I was told to step
out of my shoes.  Another name was drawn.  This time is was the
oldest of the guests, the 68 year old.  He was instructed to help
me out of my skirt. I had on an ankle length skirt, that was a dark
plaid design. He came to me and asked if I minded.  I looked at
Jake, as I was instructed to defer any questions of permission to
him.  Jake instructed him to go ahead.  I still had my hands
covering my breasts.  I looked at the gentleman with permissive
eyes, but did not speak. He unbuttoned, and unzipped my skirt. With
a small tug, it fell to the ground, leaving me totally naked.

I was not shaved, so my dark brown hair covered my vulva, but it,
in itself was admired by the gentlemen.  Jake took me around the
room, introducing me to each and every one.  I chatted with each
for about 3 minutes, standing naked (arms still crossed) as I did. 
By the time I came to the 4th guest, I let my arms fall to my side,
totally exposing my breasts.  I had become more comfortable by
then, and felt somewhat silly hiding my breasts, while I was so
totally exposed beneath.  As I finished the introductions, Mark had
retrieved a massage table from a closet and set it up.

Jake told me to get onto the table face up.  This table had foot
rests on each side, about 8" below the padded top (covered with a
sheet).  I was told to put my feet on them, and to scoot down to
where my knees were comfortably bent.  I was now an open book for
all to see.  As I lay there, for the first time I was aware of
music playing in the background.  I had been so nervous before that
I hadn't noticed.  Jake sat on a stool at the end, and took out
shaving equipment from a bag that he had brought.  I shut my eyes
and listened to the music, as he took the electric clippers to my
pubis.  When he was done, I felt shaving gel being applied.  Soon I
could feel a safety razor trimming me closely.  Special attention
was paid to my labia. 

I had reached a very blissful state of mind, aware, but unaware of
the audience watching. Finally, some oil was applied. I could feel
Jake's hand as he felt everywhere for even a trace of hair.  He
commented to the gentleman how smooth I felt.  Then he offered to
each one, a chance to touch me and feel how smooth I was.  With my
eyes shut, I could feel, one by one, as each hand touched me.  My
**** was totally erect with excitement, and many of the gentlemen
spent a small amount of time touching and tugging at it.  As I lay
there, I eventually realized that there were more turns, then there
were people.  Apparently, the gentlemen were taking their turn, and
then getting back in line.

Jake had moved to behind my head and leaned over to kiss me.  It
was a very strange sensation, being kissed by him, while the parade
of hands continued to stimulate me.  Jake then moved passed my lips
and started to pay attention to my nipples.  I was in heaven.  I
actually had a few mini tremors go through my body, in a pre-climax
mode.  Jake left, and returned.  I felt his finger enter my body.
Soon I felt something else.  It was a "silver bullet", a small
vibrator with a wireless control.  It was inserted into my vagina. 
There were 2 motions that were controlled by the remote.  The
first, controlled the speed of the vibration, and the second
activated a rocking motion, as a weight inside shifted from end to

Suddenly, without much warning, I had my first climax. I screamed
unabashedly as Jake encouraged me.  I was aware of the audience
watching with approval, which made it even more intense.  With Jake
at the controls, and hands on my body, I climaxed another 2 times,
each more violent, each more vocal than before.  Then he shut off
the silver bullet and let me relax.   I was instructed to turn over
to expose my backside.  As I lay there, I relaxed to the music, and
multiple hands massaging my body.  I think I may have even fallen
asleep.  I was completely relaxed, oblivious to the fact that I was
the only girl there, laying naked in front of 8 fully clothed men. 
I no longer cared. 

I was brought "back to life" with the vibration from the bullet
starting up once again.  Without much effort, I had a 4th climax. 
With that, the party was over.  Jake & Mark lead me downstairs,
still naked to the front door.  It was almost noon, and the sun was
brightly shining as the door was opened.  I was inside, but would
have been completely visible to any car driving by.  As each guest
left, I gave each a kiss and a naked hug. Each time Jake activated
the vibrator still inside me. Each also received a small portion of
my pubic hair to take home. After the last one left, we went into
the living room.

I had a wonderful feeling about the viewing that had just happened.
There was still a few matters to be taken care of.  Mark stood in
front of me, as I undid his pants and took them off.  He was a nice
size, and was fully erect.  Jake told me to give him a hand job. 
It didn't take long and he soon came on my face.  Jake was next,
only this time, I was to give a blow job.  For the first time ever,
He came in my mouth.  After showing it to Mark and Jake, I
swallowed it.

Mark was allowed to remove the vibrator from inside me, and I went
upstairs to shower.  The guys came and watched, as there was no
shower curtain, or door.  The shower was large, and the water did
not splash out. The guys were now fully clothed again, and after I
dried off, they took turns giving me a little more attention to my
breasts.  Once my nipples were fully erect, I was allowed to get

Will I ever experience anything like this again?  

jakez jakez
61-65, M
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great story and well written but I'll bet 20 bucks the real author is man

Holy God that's such a story...!

Wonderful story.

I have read before, but still love to read again. I like this mood of writing CMNF, because there is no violence, even pretended. I love it when some one is in an environment to be the only one nude. but there is no violence, even threats. The shame she feels is of course the result of the challenge that she has decided to give to herself.

What a great experience. I would love to attend such an event.

Sounds like this was fun for everyone. After you are ah home with male strangers, you might try female strangers, and then maybe a mixed group. Maybe you could dine with the guests in your mixed group. And then after desert you would be striped, and you would be fondled. I would love to have as much for myself

Lovely story, Sir:) Having a deep medfet, myself, I especially enjoyed the addition of the gyno (massage) table for the men's pleasure of examining your girl:) Sounds like she's now well-aware of her fortune in having a man that knows how to best treat females and share them with others as well:) What delightful reading, and no doubt, delightful experience shared:) Enjoyed.

Sounds like it was very exciting for all involved. Kudos to you on your initiative. I hope I meet somene as clever and driven as you. Were any photos or video shot?

It was easy to set up. I had met Mark in an earlier experience with another girl. He offered me use of his house whenever I wanted. I used CL, and advertised for Male voyeurs. I had to take the ad down in less than 30 minutes, as I had more volunteers than possible. I didn't have a set number in mind, but when I weeded out anyone younger than 40, and those that had a time conflict, I was left with 6 and that seemed like a good number.<br />
<br />
It took more convincing to get my new (married) girlfriend to attend the viewing.