This Is Why You Shouldn't Drink

Okay, so I was 17 and my girlfriend was the same age(we both would be 18 in two months) .  We had started going out. We had had sex before, but we both promised each other that we would never use drugs or alcohol (hey, sex is good!)

Well, one night I was picking her up from her cousin's party. When I went into the house, music blaring and people wasted, I found her pretty drunk. I was a little disappointed, but I took her home.

The next day (after a hangover I assume) she came to my house, apologizing like crazy. Now yes, I was a little disappointed, but I wasn't really mad at her. But when she said she'd do anything to make it up, I knew I should act like I was mad at her. She offered me sex, but I could get that just about any time I wanted (unlike today, ha ha) so I told her I'd talk to her tomorrow.

That night, I tried to think of stuff to make her do. I then remembered my parents, on a Friday in three weeks, were going to be gone for the whole weekend and not be back by the Monday. So the next day I pitched her this idea: on Saturday (three weeks from then) I throw a party at my house with just 10-20 friends, and it ends Sunday night and the whole time...she'd have to be completely naked.

She was hesitant at first, of course, but she felt bad for the drinking thing. So she agreed (to my surprise).

That Saturday night came, I had about 20 friends (probably about tweleve dudes, eight girls). I hadn't told any of them about my girlfriend, so they were totally shocked to see her walk down the staircase completely naked. Nothing on, not even her necklace. Her boobs, vagina, and butt in plain view! And I don't mean to brag, but she is hot.

I did my friends to drink beer because I didn't, just not too much. So the whole night and the next day, we just hung out with my completey nude girlfriend. Man, she even allowed the guys to fondle her breasts and even an another hot girl fondeled one. Greatest night.

Today, I am engaged to that woman at the age of 25. Every now and then, when she is bored and lazy, she just hangs around the house completely naked. It reminds me of my fondest senior year memory. Oh, I love her!

P.S. Did you totally think this would be a drunken story by the title? Don't lie.

Larue93 Larue93
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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

Great story! I meant to comment on this sooner.<br />
<br />
I am curious, what made you suggest that your girlfriend go naked in front of you and your friends? Was it something you had fantasized about before or perhaps something you had actually discussed with her at some point?<br />
<br />
And how did she feel about the experience afterward? Were there ever any similar naked weekends?