How I Fell In Love At Coachella Festival 2009

So out of all the places one could fall in love, I pick a music festival...filled with thousands of people...from all over the place lol Ive been going to this festival for about 6 years now, and its freaking amazing! So if anybody is here down in california around april you should consider going. Well anyways, it was friday, the first day of the fest, and i was with my group of friends waiting in line to get in. Lucky for me, half of my group was already drunk and they were dancing all over the place, and everybody kept staring at us and high-fiving my drunk friends haha, so i already knew how this was gonna go down. They were going to make me take shots with them the minuet we entered the fest, i was going to get shitfaced to the point were I WILL get naked and run/dance around (how do i know this, well..ive done it at previous festivals lol), and most importantly...they were going to make me drop acid with them which will never happen because i will never do that. Well, i really wanted this festival to be different. For once i wanted to remember half of the bands i saw perform! haha So i just entered by myself and ditched my friends. I thought that maybe today i could just hang out, listen to cool bands, and just meet new people. So as I was walking, I headed over to the gobi tent to go catch los campesinos, and i danced for a bit and met these two guys who came all the way from sweden. They seemed pretty cool so I tagged along with them. Their names are Anders and Davin, so if anybody by those names who is swedish, and remembers hanging out with a girl during los campesinos performance back in 09', get back at jk So any who, it was getting dark and our new little group had grew with 5 other members from australia (seriously...these people know how to drink and have FUN!), and I remember that we headed over to the main stage to catch the black keys and for some reason we all split up lol all i remember was seeing the swedish boy Anders surf crowd, and then Davin was trying his luck with a spanish girl, and the aussies found other aussies to drink and have fun with lol... and i was alone again. So the black keys were playing and i was tiered from all the excessive dancing and jumping, so i just sat down and all i could see was dancing feet, empty water bottles, cigs, and..another person sitting down. Im not sure if i made it obvious when i was staring back, chances are i did heh, but i was caught staring and i just saw the person wave back and say "hey I'm spencer." So i had found out he was a boy, big deal, i thought maybe he's just another drunk wierdo wanting to strike an awkward conversation. So i just waved back and kept to myself and started to rip bits of grass from the ground. So time passed, and the black keys finished their performance and i waited till the people from the front had left and i rushed to the front until i reached the rail, I really wanted to be front row for franz ferdinand and then morrissey. So i was just standing there looking at some guy with a kangaroo costume, obviously an aussie lol, until i hear someone say "bet he's from australia haha" was that guy named spencer, but now i could see him better, and he was so good-looking to me! he had light brown hair and blue eyes and he was pretty tall, and he had a Smiths tshirt and this blue feather stiking out of his hair that made him look quite native lol so i introduced myself and we just talked about everything for what seems like forever. We didn't even notice that franz ferdinand had started playing lol we danced and jumped together and hold hands while dancing to take me out. I was starting to get instant feelings for this guy and it was kinda scaring me. So i decided that right after franz ferdinand had finished their setlist, that i was just going to take a run for it and leave..and i actually did, and as soon as i had walked passed the crowds, spencer was behind me, like waiting for me to say something...and i said the only thing that could come to mind at that time.."i had to go pee.." and he just smiled at me and laughed and he asked me "so..whats next?" and honestly i just went up to him and kissed him, and he was kind of surprised aha but then he picked me up and kissed me back<3 so we both made our way to the mojave tent and catched Beirut's performance and we basically were like hugging, flirting and kissing throughout the whole show ahaa and when that show finished we made our way back to the main stage and saw paul mccartney perform. Then the day had ended and well we ended up under the same ceiling, sharing the same bed, waking up together the next day, and we did this all three days...and then it was time to leave, and it was so sad for both of us :/ i was living in LA and he was all the way in missouri...i literally cried like for a week straight lol

so lessons learned: never, and i mean NEVER fall in love with someone at a music festival because you will for sure be heartbroken when the festival finishes lol
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Sounds like have someone that you need to visit soon... In Missouri. ;-)