New Idea For An Army

well this is one of those tester things, i always wanted to play an ottoman style muslim araby army, i wanted to use an official book too but  no one book ever clicked, and the fan made codex was cool but not the way i knew the muslim comunity or hte middle east, some of it was right, but some of it was way off. however recently i revisted the idea and i got this new idea in it'self , i already had these ogres near the coast of araby as muslims and so on, why not others? the best way i found to make something similar to the ottomans in style and units was to combine high elves dwarfs and ogres . dwarfs for their thunders cannons , commanders and hammers , and all of their units more or less, high elves for their calvary their swordmasters and their warriors,  and ogres for their maneaters their ironguts and their gnoblars, together they make the perfect Muslim ottoman style army and i have to say it's made me incredibly interested in warhammer fantasy again
codythunderbottom codythunderbottom
Sep 20, 2011