It Took Me 20 Years To Build A Space Marines Army

Well, to tell the truth I wasn't building an army all those years, but the seed was planted in 1988 when a fellow Boy Scout's space marine figure dropped out of his coat pocket and I said, "what is this, I have never seen anything like this?" He loaned me a copy of White Dwarf and I was hooked, though not so much that I was going to convince my folks I wanted to start playing the British-born game that few had heard of. Then, there was the fact I had no idea where to start, but the seed or geneseed was planted.

Through Junior high and high school I built models of warplanes and tank, which would add to my love of and skill with the models of the 40k realm down the road.

Twenty years later, while shopping with my wife in the nearest large city I spotted a game shop called Empire Games. My wife politely dropped me off with out a clue as to what lay on the horizon. After a half an hour of browsing the Games Workshop merchandise I settled on the Black Reach starter set. Now four years into collecting and painting I have a 2500 point Space Wolves army. While I am still quite the noob I will continue to add to my Wolves and build new armies. Currently, I am considering building a Chaos army from the Dark Vengence box set, perhaps an Alpha Legion.

For Russ and the Allfather!
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I have had a similar experience!

Normally I am a fan of gritty medieval knights and fantasy but when I saw some of the artwork and custom models I was hooked, building and painting since then!

Not any people to play against though :(