Trinket Boxes to Be Exact

the best present i ever got was an empty ring box...i loved it, it was wooden and tiny. i used to have so many little boxes. but it seems everytime i move, i lose one or two along the way. and my kids have broken a few as well. i also have a few bigger boxes. my sister bought me a really nice one from the bombay collection and it has my initials on it. she gave it to me as a graduation gift, the next year she gave me another big box, my kids call it a treasure chest. it smelled so good when it was new. i love the smell of wood. i love small containers so much i even bought an old style poison really is an awesome ring. i have a really cool box from poland that i bought at goodwill for a buck!! its beautiful (wooden) and hand painted. and i just recently got a tiny jewelry box from my ex mother in law, sort of a mosaic with gold beads. and of course, i love general, i love boxes :D

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Iam working on making shaker style boxes, different types in my cabinet shop, if you guy's have any ideas or photos try posting them please. AND yep I used to go to the bead shops & get stash boxes. Hehehe. :)

I collect them too, fun and pratical

one of my favorite little boxes used to hold my drugs (like 10 yrs ago)....its odd because its one of my kids' favorite boxes to play with now......

they are so much fun it hide and keep things in<br />
and some do smell great