I have had some money problems and recently I had to sell my Dad's old 1920s and earlier coins and silver dollars.  It was sad.  I have V nickels, which I thought were rare.  I have the most sought after coin of all, but cannot get more than a hundred dollars for the entire set.  That coin my husband sought, cost $100.00 in itself.  They are old.  Hoswever I cannot sell them at a profit.  That profit being OVER $100.00.  Any help?
Callalilly Callalilly
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2 Responses Apr 26, 2012

Thanks for telling me that. The old goats around here are greedy. I guess we all are in a way. I needed that money to pay some insurance co-pays that my brilliant insurance won't pay. Thanks for your comment.

Don't sell them they increase in value every day