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Spartus Model 1793 Jennifer Sands Talking Horoscope Clock

(this post contains both pictures and links to audio samples)

Anyway, the premise of this device is that she has a button on her bottom and when pressed, she reads today's horoscope for whatever sign you put in. It's really amazing the infinite number of things she can say naturally.


I adore her bottom (Looks even nicer/smoother with the battery cover though as I do believe closes flush leaving a sexy flat surface)...


Note: Audio in my posts is not recorded at a consistent recording level. Always turn your volume control down first and adjust to proper level after starts...

Also, this woman sounds better than depicted. The hiss and distortion you hear is from my inability to record her as actually heard...

Her reading a horoscope: http://Lydia.La/audio/JenniferAnanda_GeminiTryToListenALittleBetter.wav

Her reading a horoscope: http://Lydia.La/audio/JenniferAnanda_givesAnotherHoroscope.wav

Her giving a horoscope: http://Lydia.La/audio/JenniferAnanda_givesAHoroscope.wav

She presents horoscope slightly differently sometimes when you ask her twice: http://Lydia.La/audio/JenniferAnanda_ISetTheBirthdayThenPressedHoroscopeButtonTwice.wav

Her saying all the lovely month names: http://Lydia.La/audio/JenniferAnanda_saysTheMonths.wav

Her saying all the numbers from days of month: http://Lydia.La/audio/JenniferAnanda_counting.wav
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When holding Jenny upside down :-) cartridge goes in Label side up.....<br />
<br />
For more info, you can find YouTube video "Installing New Horoscope cartridge in Jennifer"...

I would be happy to look at mine and tell you... Reply to this though to remind me though as I am not with her at this exact moment...

I have some questions about how to use my SPARTUS talking Horoscope Clock. Do you insert the cartridge with the sticker side facing down or facing up? I guess this about her bottom ultimately, this comment.<br />
<br />
thanks,<br />
<br />

Thanks... will you believe...? I _just saw_ this comment :-) ... Thanks for commenting...<br />
<br />
I love that smooth plastic bottom... In fact, I got a post to go make :-)

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