I Can't Help Myself!

I really can't help myself!! Anyone who know me knows what a cat lover I am, but I absolutely Love elephants!! Everytime it's my birthday, or Mothers Day, or something, my kids always get me elephants! I have many!

There is just something about them! So huge and majestic! The largest land mammal! Amazing!!!

I have them all over my house. I hear they're supposed to bring you luck!

Well, I suppose that's probably true, because I'm Blessed in so many areas of my life! :)

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9 Responses Feb 10, 2009

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LOL OH, I definitely will!!! haha<br />
<br />
Wow!! A 400 yr old Japanese sword???!!! How awesome! I love old antiquey things! What history! If only that sword could talk! LOL

I have >100 knives and one 400 year old Japanese sword! Tell your son I am glad for him that he has a nice mother...DD

Hey DD, it's okay, my son collects knives too! And also swords! <br />
<br />
Really flourlady? How many do you have?<br />
I have 36 and counting! Haha

i love elephants also.

I collect knives. They mean so much to me throughout my life since I was 8. Sadly most people react to my collection in a negative way. I sometimes wish I wanted to collect something more socially acceptably like elephants!<br />
However I am collecting new friends on EP and that is nice!...DD

Haha Yes, if money were no ob<x>ject, I would have my very own zoo, with at least two elephants!!<br />
<br />
Right now, I just have to settle for my kitties and my dogs. :)

Having a special creature from nature in your life is always a great idea...DD

Lol yes, I have so many that wherever I look I can see one! ha ha<br />
They are such calm, gentle giants!! <br />
My favorite is this huge one I have from my daughter! It's a mama and her baby....so sweet!