My Other Gargoyles

The other gargoyles in my collection are technically not authetic gargoyles, altho they are somewhat spooky.  One is of a gargoyle similar to Georges (my first) sitting in a garden chair.  It was given to my by my favorite former student after I retired.  He knew how I liked them (he even knew Georges), so when he saw this one in a PBS Wireless catalog, he had to buy it for me.  It's a gargoyle in retirement, he says.  The second one that I was given is of the same type of gargoyle, except it is smaller, of the ledge percher type, and is holding a laptop.  A dear colleague from that same school saw it and thought of me in retirement with my computer and bought it.  My next gargoyle I bought myself.  It is not a "true" one either, being much smaller and somewhat cuter, representing a cat gargoyle.  Since I love cats, but they can be little monsters at times, I thought it was appropriate for my collection.

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Well you must do you! YAY!! livingwell