I'm New To This Hobby!

  Hi,  everyone!  I've always had a passion for gemstones and unique rocks and minerals, but this is the first year I've really gotten serious about a gemstone collection.  I'm buying one gemstone per year - most of the ones I really like are the oddball ones:  this year's gemstone is a rainbow moonstone.  I'm looking to collect iolite, ametrine, kyanite, and tanzanite.

  I just ran across a website that the sapphire lovers might like - Simply Sapphires.  They've got a beautiful collection of star sapphires!  I'm a little bit edgy about buying gemstones over the internet, though.  It's so hard to find a reputable business that is selling genuine gemstones.  Anybody know of a good one?
Preciousgems Preciousgems
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1 Response Sep 16, 2010

I have had good luck with a few. Thiagems was one, but they no longer have a web presence, I think they were bought out by Gem Shopping Network. Scary area to get into without some type of self education or getting in with GIA for a class or two. Good luck to ya, if you care to chat on stones, drop me a line(:-) sorry, message, or white board)