I love sapphires and collect them in jewelry, as art, raw and polished.  I love sapphires and have them throughout my house.

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yes, i love September and fuss at my mom for making me a preemie all the time.

well,fungirlmmm,it was a good guess anyway,lol!!!!I just thought it a little unusual that's all,lol!!!!!

LOL well Rog i know what you are talking about but no one else does lol.<br />
<br />
No, I wasn't born in September.

Yes, the story is quite lovely.It is very interesting that you prefer sapphires;I always thought that girls preferred diamonds,lol!!!!! I know personally that if someone loves sapphires;they may or may not been born in the month of September,as this is the birthstone of this month! Am I right?!


sounds lovely fungirlmmm.:-)