Trying to Collect Them All!

For about two years now, I have avidly started to collect gemstones and rings. I usuallly am able to purchase my collectibles through Ebay;either by winning auction,or just buying the item form one of the their stores they have on Ebay.At times I have purchased items from via online.I also watch their show on cable.They sometimes gives me ideas as to what to buy next. I have already collected sapphires,diamonds,turquiose,and amethyst in almost all possible colors;I think.But once and a while ,I sometimes stumble on a new color;and then I try to get it! I also have bought gemstones and rings with gemstones that you can't possibly purchase from any jewelry store.You just can't go walking in any jewelry store and ask for these;they would  just look at you like you were "crazy"! If I can get a certain gemstone in a ring;I try to buy in a ring.If that isn't possible;I then try to just get the gemstone.

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1 Response Aug 2, 2009

I am too very crazy about precious or semi precious stones. My passion started about 3 years ago. First I started learnig about mineralogy and become almost a bookworm. After gaining my knowledge about I visited several trade fairs, etc. where I bought some of my "precoius stuff". I never buy jewelry from TV, as I am quite sure their qualities are definitely not quite genuine. I buy only natural untreated stones. Sometimes I buy on internet, too. Only from serious buyers. My favourite site is<br />
Once I got a custom-made piece also done from that site. I am still happy with that piece of jewelry. Ebay I donĀ“t like trying as they do not have any return policies. <br />
Anyway now I have quite a big collection of topaz, aquamarines, tourmalines, some sapphires, peridot, moonstones, zircons, etc.