Mmm.. Love Gemstones

For about 15 years now i have collected crystals and gemstones.  Most of the crystals i have found have been in Tasmania in the mountains. Id walk along and see a shiny object,  Most of the time its some sort of crystal.  Rose, Smokey and clear crystals i have found a fair bit of.  Amethysts i have found once in an abandoned mine. They give me energy and feel special due to me finding them and not just buying..  

I also have a thing for Sapphires right now.  Recently went into the Outback to go fossicking and found probably 100 Sapphires (of all sizes)...About 8 of them can be cut down for  a ring or whatever. However i did find one big one (about 40 carats) a nice deep blue ..  One day ill have this cut to fit a wedding ring if i ever get married.. its going to cost $1400 to get cut but it would mean an awful lot to me to be able to give this to a potential wife. However i could be going out to get more in a few months.. so i might find a better one :)  either way im happy. Might even pay the 5 thousand for a cutting machine and make it a hobby.  If i start talking to my ex again she can make the rings to set these gems on.. Hmmm maybe not.. lol  .. My next mission is to increase my opal and Thunderegg collection.. which should be easy due to the biggest deposit in the world only being 3 hours away(just like the sapphires)

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Oh dude you suck, I would kill for a backyard like that. Good on ya, find any chalcedony? I have an old Sapphire faceting machine, but have never tried to facet, use it as a flat lap.

I wish I lived in a place where they were that easy to find. I end up buying stuff on ebay.