Summer Of 2004!

I loved GI Joe as a kid, and then, in 2004, kind of out of the blue, I became a pretty dedicated collector of the old RAH line.  I think it came about when, one day, I was bored and stopped at Borders for some reason, and just on a whim picked up vol.1, season 1 of the RAH cartoon, which rekindled my childhood love.  I decided to collect a few choice pieces of the line, just 4 or 5, that I was really fond of as a kid, and they would be a nice display piece for my desk.


Well, of course it got out of control and before I knew it, I had a VERY large collection of Joes, vehicles, playsets, etc. eventually going to the trouble of collecting the 1987 playset The Defiant, the giant space shuttle launch complex, albeit only a few pieces at a time since getting a complete one was fiscally unrealistic.  


I've still got my collection, and a good chunk of it is on display.


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USMCVINCE oh man, that's too bad. Sorry to hear about that.<br />
<br />
Before my adult collecting binge, I had a lot of Joe's as a kid, but my Mom LOVED having yard sales/garage sales, and she would go through EVERYTHING, and any toys that were too old or whatever were often arbitrarily picked for the sales.<br />
<br />
Nowadays, she laments this, since I've told her how a handful of those items have become very, very collectible.

Thats awesome....<br />
<br />
I remember being a kid and playing w/ all my joes....<br />
Unfortunetly 6 years ago, my grandmothers house burned down, the joes burned with it.