Did I Err?


He`s a half-witted mendicant who loves cheese dip and frays!
He will slay you for calling him that!
He has a lovable dog named Rufferto, who seems to always know better than Groo, and has tried to save his butt many times. Being kind of a barbarian, he loves to fight and do away with many unfortunates using his katanas. Usually in his quests (which he also loves) he ends up creating so much disaster, than people fear his name. What`s not to love?

Groo was created by Sergio Aragones from Mad magazine fame- he was the artist that drew tiny little cartoons in the margins...
I can`t get enough of this guy, and surely, for a few kopins, I`m sure he would do some mulching for me...

Also, there is a hidden message in many of the issues. I`ve found a few of them. They say- `this is a hidden message`...
If you like funny comics, get a good Groo.
You won`t be disappointed...
Cinderelly Cinderelly
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