Gun Experience In California

I lived in La Jolla , California for about 10 years.
I at the time owned 3 guns that I failed to secure
While I decided to go to Catalina Island on my
yacht for. July 4th weekend.
I returned home only to find my front door ajar.
Now La Jolla is a pretty safe place to live in &
I actually was not concerned about anything.
I walked in & immediately saw that several doors
down the hallway were opened. I knew something was
Not right so i grabbed a phone & walked out. I called
911 to report the obvious intrusion.
The cops were there in about 2 minutes with guns drawn
they went into the house & after a minute told me it was safe
to enter. As I walked in they asked if I could maybe make a sweep
through the house to determine if anything was missing.
Of course I immediately thought of my guns & sure enough
They were gone. When I told the police about the missing guns
They looked so surprised ( I think they saw this 5'6" 115 lb woman)
& said what are you doing with 3 guns? I was actually surprised
at their reaction my only response which is true I answered I am
From Texas...they we're immediately relieved & said Oh.
That was it...California i believe isn't a state that really believes
You should as a citizen own guns.
I am sure happy at least for the moment that we still have the right to bear arms.
Diamonds & Guns
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1 Response May 27, 2012

im from san diego

lived in coronado for 30 years before i moved to l/a .. i now vist my son who lives in bird rock area....

did you go back to texas?