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One of the few things that has sustained me through some dark times recently is my hobby of collecting guns.  This stems from my fascination with mechanical things and history, though these may seem two divergent topics they come together quite nicely.  I am mostly interested in older military arms and am fascinated by the methods of operation and different and inventive ways of making these weapons work.  Different theories on how best to make a functional magazine for feeding of cartridges, different ideas on how to make the bolt operate properly, its all quite fascinating.  Also intriguing is the history aspect, with a little research one can make some guesses as to where a particular rifle has been in its life though tracing it to precise people or battles is impossible.  For example, I have an old 1891 Mosin Nagant long rifle that, simply by observing the markings on it, one can see that it was manufactured in 1915 at the Izhevsk arsenal in czarist Russia, it bears a cartouche on the stock that indicates it was at some point captured by German forces during World War 1, it also bears an SA stamp which is a Finnish property mark.  The Finns adopted the same basic rifle design as the Russians as they were their most likely foes, so it was most likely purchased from Germany by Finland after the war, and may well have been used during Finland's Winter War or Continuation War with Soviet Russia in the late '30s and early '40s.  Though the rifle definitely shows its wear and tear from service use, it is still functional and safe to shoot, its my own little personal peice of history.  I have others that also have stories to tell, including another 1891 Mosin Nagant that was originally manufactured in 1893 at the Tula arsenal in Russia, this particular one was also used at some point by the Finns.  That it has survived intact and functional over the course of more than 100 years is downright amazing considering it has been around for two major wars and probably more than a few border skirmishes between Finland and the USSR.  I have other rifles as well, all have their own 'personalities' for lack of a better word.

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Exactly why I collect old military arms myself... I was a small arms repairer in the army as well.

It's interesting to hold in your hands something that actually was a part of history.

Very interesting description. Though weapons are not my favorite way of looking at humna history, they sure do play a significnat role, and the technology is fascinating