Sure Guys Can Collect

I am a guy and I love to collect MLP stuff. I have several greating cards, birthday cards, valantine cards, and invitation cards. I collect mostly the VHS videos since they may soon stop selling them. I collect the dolls and minitures.

I love to draw them and think about them. I have A Pinkie pie plush and I would like to collect all of them. I really am looking for the My little pony tales but they are rarly on ebay.  I think the only Ponies that I don't collect is the vintage G1 dolls because they are expensive and hardly ever in good shape. I would buy them if they were not so pricy. I think the oldest thing I got is The magic rainbow book that came with a vinel record. 

saphtalon saphtalon
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

im a brony i heart my little pony sonic rain boooom i love derpy and rainbow dash

Ah! I must know where do you go to get this stuff! My ex loves it and I'm trying to get a good gift for him....but I can't find anything for him. He loves fluttershy and rainbow dash