Beach Jems

A perfect shell from a beach is kind of like finding money on the ground. Or at least the sensation I get. And instant "wow cool!"

Honestly, they have some value since we cannot replicate each shell. These shells are all unique and created by some ocean creature. Gem of the sea!
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

How *sweet* I have a very really *Beautiful Shell collection* myself. I started surfing when I was young as I grew up in SO. CAL at The Beach and I still live and surf everyday that I can at the Beach. Iam a Cali *Surfer Girl* and I also collect are right their is a lot of value in both monetary and collectible ways....Plus they always have given the gift of peace and Tranquility..... :)

That's very *sweet* hunni. Today O.C. Cali Is warm again. at frigging 79! in Feb while its storming everywhere else, I do appreciate living here and I have all my life. No surfing as I broke my board tail and waiting to get new one. Hope you have nice valentine to go shell collecting with..... :)