I Can't Help Myself

I am a TVD addict. I, personally, own about 175 seasons of various shows on DVD. If I see something on sale for less than $20, I feel compelled to buy it. Since I began really hoarding TVDs, I've never paid more than $25 for a set...except, of course, a complete season of something. It would take me somewhere around 3-4 years of non-stop viewing to watch all of them.

I love marathoning. Recently, I've marathoned Buffy the Vampire Slayer (for the 2nd time), Arrested Development (for the third time), That 70s Show (for the 1st time), and Bones (for the 2nd time.) I'm currently marathoning M*A*S*H, but I keep getting distracted by other shows such as Family Guy and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

I need a life...badly.

candlebeck candlebeck
18-21, F
Feb 19, 2009