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I have a huge collection of DVDs (1040 odd) and about 40 of those are boxsets. I do dislike a lot of TV but i collect a lot of American shows too. Weirdly they seem to do better over here than our own British shows. Most boxset collection is pretty much up to date, which i pretty much skint myself for. But even when i cant afford it and see a TV show i haven't got going cheap, i just buy it. It's like a go blank, come out the shop and it's in my hand! When i see a sale is on at HMV or i quite literally squeal with delight! Thankfully now though i have a Blu-Ray player and can watch some of the latest seasons of some of my favourite TV shows on Blu-Ray (the BR versions really do cost a bomb but i dont care). I don't know when i will stop but i quite literally don't need my TV box top anymore lol I have enough TV to last me a life time!

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No i've never seen Ally Mcbeal. She's a lawyer or something right? Or am i thinking of something different?<br />
Lost you just NEED to watch. It's just a humongous storyline and so much going on and so much thats unexplained, that when things start to add up and you see sneaky things put into the script that you wouldn't have noticed the first time.. your left thinking "clever buggers!". I think it's one of the most elaborate but cleverest written programme. It's not a genius write but it's so imaginitive and twisted it's crazy and you can't not love it event though it does peeve you off sometimes.

I love Coupling! Jeff and Patrick are my favourite characters. As for British shows i've got the Royle Family, Blackadder and Gavin and Stacey complete sets (even though G&S is still going). Got a few others but only like seasons one of them. I love 24, Lost and Scrubs there my favourite American shows. Oh and Supernatural!