I Love Islay Whiskies!

Thanks to my older brother and his friends I was introduced to whisky at the very mature age of 11. I used to drink with my dad by the time I was 19.  My first single malt was Glenfiddich and I liked it a lot.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Laphroaig (the Laphroaig Cask Strength is my favorite whisky). And then Lagavulin. Then to a Cadenhead's bottling of Glen Esk. That's when I started collecting. I now have close to 400 bottles. I collect any Cadenhead bottling and most Laphroaig. I am always looking to add to my collection of Laphroaig 40s. I have 6 of them. Still waiting to get my hands on a Laphroaig 1960 though.

I also collect almost any distillery bottling that's aged at least 30 years. So I have a Glenfiddich 30 and 40 and am waiting to get my hands on the 50. I have tasted them all.

My dream is to have 2 Glenfiddich 1937s, one to taste and the other to cherish. I almost bought one about two months ago when it came on the market. I was still putting the money together for it when someone else bought it. I think about that everyday. Perhaps someday I'll have at least one.
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AMEN! - single malt scotch is the only way to go.